Shower Tile Patterns

Get some interesting tips on shower tile patterns to make your shower area unique and classy.
Mamta Mule Dec 11, 2018
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Shower tiles have a huge contribution in the entire look of a bathroom. Though a separate area, shower section is given a lot of importance while remodeling a bathroom. While you consider refurbishing the entire bathroom, just reworking the shower area is also a great idea, especially if you are on a low budget.
While there are a lot of things to be considered while renovating or building a new shower area, such as plumbing, fittings, shelves, curtains and shower enclosures, the shower tiles remain one of the primary elements. So, here are some shower tile pattern ideas that will help you design a beautiful shower and enjoy a relaxing bath.

Bathroom Shower Tile Pattern Ideas

Type of Tiles

The first thing that you need to do is decide the type of tiles that you would be using for shower walls and flooring. Shower tile patterns mainly depend upon the type and color of selected tiles.
You can opt for ceramics that look decent and give a soft look to your bathroom. Ceramic tiles are durable and offer a range of options in terms of colors and designs. Marble tiles look extremely elegant and have a range of options from which you can decide your pick. Those who want a glossy looking surface can opt for mosaic tiles.
These small pieces look classic and can be used to form beautiful patterns. Subway tiles offer another good option for a simple, yet decorative shower area. A glamorous looking shower section can be created using glass tiles. Bright colors and classy finish make glass tiles a popular pick for luxury bathroom designs.

Layout Ideas

Earlier tiles were simply installed in straight rows, one below another. But today, the same is not a restriction. Designers are trying various tile layout patterns that can spice up the appearance of a shower space.
So, think different and opt for creative layouts. With different layouts, shower area is sure to look unique and class apart. Diagonally arranged tiles for bathroom flooring and simple layout of wall tiles is a cool idea. This simple change can create a nice pattern. You can arrange them diagonally, on the wall behind the shower fittings and on the shelves.
Another best shower tile idea is to have a line of contrast colored tiles, running horizontally, from halfway of the shower wall. A checker pattern is also a good idea to opt for. Pick two contrasting colors to have a perfect checker pattern of shower tiles.
One of the popular shower tile patterns is to cover half-length of the walls, starting from the flooring, in one color and rest half, in another color of tiles. Here you can opt for contrasting or matching colors. Subway tile patterns also offer a good idea.

Color Combination

Shower tile colors play an important role in this project. Whichever tile patterns you opt for, choosing the right colors is a must. Choose colors depending on the mood you want to create in your shower area.
If you like to have a soft and calm effect while you enjoy your bath, opt for soft tones like off-white and beige. These will create a classy look. Lightest shade of yellow and gray also make a beautiful combo.
If you want to have a jazzy shower area, that will give you a lively visual feast, opt for a bold color combination.
These bright tiles will help you feel refreshed while taking shower. Combination of maroon and black or black and white will make an attractive shower section. A tub-shower tile idea is to have a subtle and soothing background that helps you to have a relaxing soak. You can add contrast or dark tiles between these, at specific sections.

Customized Tiles

Customized tiles offer another good option that you can consider. You might feel that tiles that are available commercially are a bit boring and not exactly what you want to add to your shower walls.
Then, why not get them customized? You can mention the specifications and preferences and have wall tiles designed according to your requirements. Opt for shapes and sizes according to your needs and spruce up your bathroom decor like never before!
When installed creatively, shower tiles can perfectly revamp the shower section. Explore the numerous options in shower tile patterns, implement the best layout idea and create an eye-catching shower space.
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