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Shower Stalls with Seats

Shower Stalls with Seats
Choosing shower stalls with seats is a great idea for those who enjoy long, luxurious showers. Take a look at some detailed information on these wonderful creations for small bathroom spaces.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Feb 15, 2019
With the world becoming more and more compact everyday, accommodating certain items in our homes and lifestyle is becoming challenging. While in the world of technology the compact formula works well, the reducing home and bathroom sizes are definitely not making things better.
For instance, when it comes to enjoying a leisurely bath in Victorian bathtubs, accommodating these in our tiny bathrooms is a luxury very few of us can afford. However, as the compact technology is affecting different areas of our lives, so is it affecting the luxury with which we can enjoy a relaxing bath.
So what if you can't soak in a tub for an hour, you can definitely sit and enjoy your bath in the different types of bathroom shower stalls with seats that are now available. Here, we tell you the varieties they are available in, and the benefits of considering the use of a shower stall with a seat in your bathroom.
The most obvious benefit of having a shower stall with a seat is that firstly, a shower stall is compact so it can easily fit into your bathroom, and that secondly, with a seat, it allows for a slightly more luxurious bathing experience. Apart from this, there are some more benefits that you can avail of by nstalling a shower stall that has a seat.
  • If you are recovering from an illness and are slightly weak, the seat in the shower stall can easily make it easier for you to bathe without tiring yourself out too much.
  • The elderly will benefit the most from this setting, as it allows for them to comfortably take a shower.
  • Simply sit to shave your legs comfortably in a shower stall with seat. Life couldn't get any simpler.
  • There are specific shower stalls with seats available for those who are handicapped, which makes it convenient for such individuals to shower without much assistance.
With the benefits enlisted, it's time to take a look at the varieties of such shower stalls available, from which you may choose a style that suits your needs.
Shower stalls that come with seats can be chosen depending on your individual requirements. Mentioned here are the types you can choose from.
Fiberglass Shower Stall with Seat
Fiberglass shower enclosures are the most durable types of shower stalls available, especially for those who have trouble standing for long periods. This is because fiberglass is a skid-proof, scratch resistant, durable material.
The possibility of slipping is minimal when in a shower stall made of fiberglass. It is affordable, easily installable, and long-lasting, making it the best option as a one piece shower stall that has a seat.
Roll in shower
Ceramic Shower Stall with Seat
shower for disabled people
A ceramic shower stall is usually built and not directly purchased. The material used here is ceramic tile, which means the aesthetic appeal of the shower stall depends completely on how you like it.
The colors, designs and patterns are innumerable, giving you a free hand in designing the shower stall as per your taste. It is best to use anti-skid ceramic tiles within a shower stall to prevent the possibility of slipping. The seat may be made either with ceramic, or you may install a hardwood seat in the ceramic shower stall for a rich and elegant look.
Corner Shower Stalls with Seat
Made from any of the aforementioned material, corner shower stalls are shower stalls that has been tucked into a corner of the bathroom, along with a corner seat. Such shower stalls are usually curved so that lesser space is occupied in the bathroom.
Some shower stalls may come with a seat, else you can purchase a specific corner seat meant for the purpose of showering. A corner shower stall with a seat is ideal for a smaller bathroom.
When it comes to designing your own shower stall with a seat, there are several other materials you can use. If it is affordable, marble is a great choice for you. It is elegant, luxurious, and a perfect material to be used in the bathroom.
Keep in mind that the seat should be a minimum of 18 inches high and 24-30 inches wide for a comfortable bathing experience. Anything lesser will make the whole process very uncomfortable. Even ready-made shower stalls with seats are usually available in these dimensions.
So do you think these convenient shower stalls are good options for you? They definitely are, for absolutely anyone who relishes the experience of a luxurious shower. Identify the space available in your bathroom, and get yourself one of these wonderful shower enclosures at the earliest.