Shower Stall Kits

Shower Stall Kits
Shower stall kits offer an easy-to-build and install shower area. Moreover, these kits are available in a wide variety and provide a cheaper alternative to ready-made shower stalls. Learn more about these from the following article.
DecorDezine Staff
Luxury Shower Panel
If you are considering a bathroom renovation project or installing a new shower stall, ready-to-use shower kits can be a great option. Shower stall kits are amongst the most convenient items that can be bought while you work on the bathroom refurbishing.
Constructing a stall from scratch can be a really expensive project. This not only includes the material cost but also the fees of professionals working on it. With the shower stall kits, the task is simplified and the expenses are considerably reduced.
How To Choose
While buying the shower kits, it is essential to purchase the right piece from the varied options available in the market. You can choose from glass, acrylic, high quality plastic, or fiberglass kits. Consider what type of shower stall you want to have in the space. Accurate dimensions of pieces that can be placed in your bathroom must be noted down in order to shortlist the kits.
Decide if you wish to have an outdoor stall and search accordingly. You can choose from corner, square, tub, stall with seat, or round kits. Also check the steam kits which are available in the premium range. Apart from these, consider the colors available. Colors of panel and shower floor need to be decided. You can have a transparent, semi-transparent, or completely opaque stall. Number of fixtures available in the kits should also be considered according to your requirements.
Complete Kits
Today, shower enclosure kits come with shower walls, shower flooring, shower doors, shower panels, and shower tray. Apart from these, showerheads, hand shower pipe, faucet, and the essential fixtures like knobs are also included in the kit. Plumbing fixtures for installation, like the pipes and screws, need to be bought separately. Moreover, extra fittings like massage jets and shower nozzles can also be bought separately while purchasing the kit.
Higher ranges offer luxurious fixtures in the package. You can also have customized shower panels. A shower panel basically includes the showerhead, hand shower pipe, knobs, body jets, and shower nozzles. These can be ordered according to what makes the most convenient placement of shower fixtures for you on the shower panel.
Where to Buy
With the increasing popularity of these kits, they are widely available and you won't need to struggle for finding the right pieces for yourself. Many sanitaryware brands have a great range of options in such shower kits. You can simply find them in the showrooms of top brands from this industry or other stores selling quality sanitaryware to purchase these kits. You can also browse through a number of websites selling these kits at cheaper rates. You might also get discounts or offers like free installation. Look for customized designs as well; many websites are offering them these days.
By following the instructions provided in the user guides that come along with these kits, you can have your shower enclosure with the least installation efforts and in the most cost-effective way.