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Shower Stall Enclosures

Rutuja Jathar Mar 6, 2019
Various designs of shower stall enclosures can actually confuse you, when searching for these bathroom essentials. Well, here is what you can do, in order to make better choices.
In today's fast paced life, one hardly gets the time to have a relaxing bubble bath. It is the reason why bathtubs are largely being replaced by stalls and decorative shower stall enclosures. People who have the luxury of larger bathrooms can nonetheless opt for both bathtubs and shower stalls.
Shower stalls are nothing but cubicles or cabins that hold all the shower accessories in them. They provide privacy and also satisfy the decorative purpose of the bathroom. Shower stalls enable combined usage of the bathrooms, since they provide a private bathing area to the person who is taking the bath.
Due to many of their advantages, shower stalls have become a sort of need of contemporary bathrooms. The following information deals with shower enclosure designs and the things that you need to consider while selecting the best shower stall.

Shower Stall Enclosure Designs

There are numerous designs from which you can pick the best one to adorn your bathroom with. You can select from various shape of the shower enclosures like square, angled, neo-angled and curved shower stalls, etc. You can either opt for prefabricated shower stall, tub shower combos, decorative tiled shower stalls or glass shower stalls for steam showers.
You can also opt for walk-in shower stalls as a convenient bathing area for elderly, or people with physical disabilities. The material for shower stalls may range from fiberglass, glass, tempered glass, opaque glass, acrylic, ceramic, plastic and a many other durable materials.
A few options of bathroom shower enclosures that you may like to consider include, sandblasted leaves design on a neo-angle shower, frameless enclosure door with inline panel, frameless shower door from inline panels to the ceiling.
Some other options are enclosures with curved top and double glass screen, pivot hinged door between inline panel, steam shower with moving transom, shower enclosure with aluminum frame, etc.

How To Select A Shower Stall Enclosure

Once you decide that you want to use a shower stall in your bathroom, then you need to consider from the most basic things that might negatively affect the bathroom designs. First of all, the size of the shower stall, which needs to be proportionate with the actual size of the bathroom. Also, the style and design of the bathroom.
For instance, if the bathroom is small and obstructed, then you may opt for glass enclosures or corner shower stalls, instead of larger two head shower stalls. You need to consider the functions of the shower stall doors. If the bathroom is smaller, then you should opt for sliding doors, rather than hinged which are more suitable for larger bathrooms.
You also need to reconsider about the shower stall accessories or the accessories that are covered by the shower stall. The most important of them all are the shower heads. For instance, using hidden shower heads is a good idea for smaller bathrooms.
Shower stall installation and selection largely depends on the size of the bathroom as well as the pocket of a person. Hence, it is essential for you to determine your exact budget and then consider bringing home the shower stalls enclosures while bathroom remodeling or decorating.
You need to opt for opaque shower stall enclosures, if you want to share the bathroom with another person. Opaque shower stalls enable privacy as well as combined usage of the bathroom. You also need to be pretty specific about selecting the shower base.
Choose a standard size shower pan, which will serve as a strong foundation of the shower enclosure. The recommended materials for that are cultured marble, or any such strong and solid surface.
Once you successfully combine a stunning and durable shower stall design with your requirements, then installation is an easy thing to work on.