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Shower Design With No Door

Shower Design With No Door
To come up with a shower design with no door is no huge task. It simply depends on what you are looking for, and how much time and effort you are willing to spend on it. Take a look at some interesting ideas to inspire you, here.
Puja Lalwani
Though we have lesser and lesser time to indulge in a relaxing shower, we still look for unique bathroom designs that will make even the shortest time spent bathing and getting ready for the day, luxurious. This is probably because more than when facing the day, these unique bathrooms welcome us when we want to unwind. This is why having a beautiful and interestingly designed bathroom becomes essential. Some people prefer completely enclosed spaces to shower, while the others prefer some freedom when it comes to these shower enclosures. It is for these people that we present some ideas on the concept of a shower without a door. Take a look and take your pick.
Open Shower Designs
When it comes to designing doorless walk in showers, there are lots of creative options you can choose from. Unlike a completely enclosed shower cubicle, a no-door shower allows you to have a private yet open space to take a shower. What matters is how comfortable you are with the design of this enclosure. The space can then be as jazzy or as simple as you want it to be.
Here are some ideas you can use as inspiration to come up with some exclusive shower designs with no door.
  • For a completely contemporary doorless shower , the best material to use is glass. Glass speaks modern and contemporary through and through, and using different glass products such as glass blocks (plain or multicolored), stained glass or textured glass to partially enclose your shower cubicle will easily give you the desired look. Showers with glass blocks provide the right amount of privacy without making the shower enclosure feel too closed or claustrophobic.
  • Make use of interesting tile patterns to demarcate your open shower design from the rest of the bathroom. The tiles you use in this area should not be used anywhere else in the bathroom. Use stone tiles, marble, rustic tiles, wooden finish tiles, glass tiles, pebbled tiles, and other such tiles with gorgeous prints and textures on them to demarcate this walk in shower from the rest of the bathroom. Create a 'highlight' wall with these tiles in the enclosure that does not have any fittings on it, to have it stand out from the rest of the walls.
  • If your bathroom is large enough, have a circular shower enclosure instead of a straight one. Have a narrow pathway leading to it, and let this shower expand as you enter the space. Such a design provides a uniquely luxurious experience.
  • Some of you may simply use the traditional shower curtain to cordon off the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. Again, you could make this an interesting combination of a partition and a curtain to create an element of attractiveness in this bathroom design.
  • Now again, if you have the luxury of excess space and height, how about planning a step-down doorless shower? Have about 2 or 3 steps leading down towards your shower, and to enhance the luxurious experience, you could have a rain shower. This is a gorgeous shower design, and you could incorporate the aforementioned ideas into this style. The shape could be circular, rectangular, elliptical, square, or any other shape you like. Keep a small plant each on the steps toward the shower, have the steps in glass with pebbles below, use appropriate lighting to create the mood, and you have yourself the ultimate shower. No door is required to give you any privacy in this space. The difference in height serves as a medium of privacy! This idea can also be used to come up with designs for beautiful outdoor showers.
Whether you are building your bathroom from scratch or having an entire bathroom remodeling project, these ideas of an open shower will make the entire process worthwhile. In the end, you will thank yourself for gifting yourself the luxury of such a wonderful shower.
Vertical shot of the room for taking a shower
Large Spacious Shower
Shower corner from above