How to Choose a Shower Caddy

A shower caddy is exactly what you need to organize your shower essentials. It helps to keep toiletries in place without any clutter.
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Most people love a neat and organized shower area. Shower caddies are commonly used in other areas of your bathroom, as well, especially near bathtubs. Some of them have a suction cup at the back which allows you to attach it to the wall. They are mainly used to declutter your shower space and have all your essentials in one place. Let us have a look at the things that need to be kept in mind before purchasing one for your bathroom.
Things to Consider
With the huge variety of options available, you are sure to get confused about which one to buy. Here are a few points that will help you choose one.
Space Availability and Placement
Consider the area available in your bathroom. You can opt for a corner caddy if the space is less. If you have ample space, identify what will be the right place to hang it. If you already have shelves, go for 3-4 simple caddies; one for each shelf. If you are going to have a door-mounted caddy, you can opt for one that has ample space. Make sure that they can accommodate tall bottles like that of shampoos and shower gels.
You can buy one that complements your shower d├ęcor. Wood, metal, or stainless steel caddies are the most versatile. When opting for a metal one, make sure you get a powder- or plastic-coated piece, so that it does not get rusted. You can consider buying a plastic one for college dorm rooms or homes. These offer classic compartments and are cheaply available. While most of these come in white, you can search for colorful pieces that match your shower tiles. Consider whether you want a caddy with simple, plain shelves or one specially designed for placing shampoos, soaps, razors, a brush, a loofah, shower gels, powders, etc. You can install a narrow pegboard and hang a caddy for each family member.
Trendy Shapes and Designs
The most classic piece is one made of wood in an oval shape with dual straight shelves in between. You can fix it over the wall next to the shower or mount it behind the door. Apart from this, simple rectangular or circular caddies are also popular. Those with glass shelves look extremely chic. You can also opt for highly decorative wrought iron ones, too. Apart from these, some caddies have in-built soap dispensers and hooks at the bottom to hang a loofah, soap on a rope, and similar items.
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