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Tips for Painting Shabby Chic Furniture

Tips for Painting Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby chic painted furniture is a great way to add an accent to a special room of your house.
DecorDezine Staff
Shabby Chic Painted Furniture style originated in Britain, and was all about decorating the huge country houses with faded and worn out chintz sofas, curtains, and other furniture items, which were beautifully preserved. This style is still in use and it is employed to get a uniform look for the house and also to preserve the old home furniture. These heavily painted items look fantastic if the house is old, and especially if it is a Victorian style house.

You can utilize it in any room of the house like the nursery, living room, and the guest room as well. You can also try and rearrange the furniture articles that are not much similar, and give them one uniformly painted shabby chic look.

It is a type of interior designing in which, the furniture articles are given the desired look according to the user's taste. It gives a cozy, elegant, and at the same time a comfortable look to the interior decor and also preserves the vintage articles. What if a person doesn't have any old or antique furniture at home and still wants to use this kind of style? It is very easy. Providing the home with this furniture style is a great thing that one can try with any type of house. All you have to do is bring home some pieces of furniture that have some antique lines on it. Select furniture that has a lot of curves on it. One can find such items at an easy bargain in some thrift shops and at garage sales as well. It is not necessary to have huge sofa sets, beds, and large closets that can also go high on cost. Some people use old suitcases, stools, pieces of broken glasses, broken vases, and lamps as well.

The Tips

If you want to paint shabby chic furniture yourself, then you might like to consider the following things.
  • Select the things that you want to paint which are old and worn out. Vintage treasures and thrift goods are the best. It is perfectly alright if the finishing of all the articles is totally messed up, because ultimately you are going to color them into uniformity.
  • Select colors for painting that are not so conventional and traditional. Use more of the pastel and light colors. Colors like lavender, light blue, pink, light green, and light yellow, gel great with the shabby chic look.
  • If the furniture that you are using is laminated, then make sure you coat it well with a quality primer. It is also important to clean up all the dirt and older chipping paint from the furniture by using a sandpaper.
  • You will have to rub the candle wax to the furniture first, which will keep the paint from sticking. Start painting the furniture by applying layers of the selected color. It doesn't require technique of a skillful painter. All you have to do is to make sure that the colors are not dripping.
  • To give more uniformity to the interior, use same colored fabrics for the curtains and the hangings. Try to select tea-stained fabrics in similar colors and the mixture of the shades and combination of prints like floral, striped, and checked with the background of the same color.
You can find a quality painter sooner or later but without having to worry about it, you can definitely learn it on your own.
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