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Scarf Window Treatments

Saptakee Sengupta Dec 21, 2019
Scarf window treatments are done by hanging extra pieces of fabric from the top of curtain rods, along with a portion hanging loose from the sides. Read on..
Sitting by the side of the huge window, lifting aside those loose hanging scarves and reveling the beauty of nature overlooking the window! The beautiful piece of fabric allowing bright sunrays to cascade down your room and the glistening silken scarf enhances the aesthetic beauty of your house.
Picture perfect isn't it? Well, this vivid description is of nothing but a house, having windows that have been beautifully adorned with scarves and valances. It's a type of window treatment that looks exquisitely beautiful when matched up with the interior décor of your house.
The scarves hang from the curtain rods in varied fashion while the length of the sides might extend till the ground or they could be kept a little above. The curtains usually contain pinch pleats in a close knitted fashion.
Such treatments usually complement huge windows since the fabric used measure considerably large and its beauty opens up when there's enough space for spreading the scarf.

Simple Scarf Valance Treatment

Treatments with scarf valances is done by swaging semi transparent valances from one side of the curtain rod that is secured on the top of the window.
The scarf could also be draped over valance rod, that is sometimes an addition to the functional rod. This process is more secure than the former. The drapery hardware gets completely hidden by the scarf, as it will hang loose from the front.
A simple scarf treatment could be done by this process, wherein the fabric is draped in the shape of a semi circle and is secured at equal distance on the curtain rod. The extra fabric hangs down from the ends of the curtain rods. Chiffon or silken fabrics of unicolor suits this design the best.

Overlapping Scarf Window Treatment

While adding overlapping scarves to your windows, make sure you have purchased enough fabric for creating the pleats. A fancy style is created by mixing the scarves and pinching them at the bottom of the free-flowing end.
You can combine fabrics of different patterns like amber, silk and organza. Create huge scarves if the windows of your house are considerably big. The basic process of fixing the scarf remains the same while the overlaps are created by draping distinctive fabric one above the other.
Floral patterned scarves could be matched up with single color satin fabric. Overlapping scarf treatments look best when designed with multi colored transparent curtain fabrics. Using cotton fabric for converging one scarf into another is not much feasible since the heavy fabric would tend to become compact.

The Blouson Valance Treatment

A blouson valance appears like a balloon. The scarf will resemble a puffy cloud or a balloon. It's one of the easiest done window dressings that uplifts beauty of large sized windows.
The puff is usually sewed in circular pattern that looks gorgeous and traditional. The blouson valance hangs from the curtain rod, while rest of the curtain flows from it. Stitching such structures at home would be a little tricky project if you are not well acquainted sewing techniques.
Therefore, buying readymade blouson valance is a better option. Printed fabrics containing small prints of floral designs and checks look gorgeous. Silken or satin fabrics of single color complements windows having lavish wooden settings and interiors with antique furnishing. Blouson valance treatment is also great ornament for bay windows.

Sequined Scarf Window Treatment

Adding embellishments is one of the best scarf window treatment ideas. Scarves when sequined with beads, button and other types of fabric decorative pieces looks beautiful. Such patterns complement houses having elaborate artifacts on interiors. 
You can get the fabric embroidered with contrasting threads or colors matching the fabric. If you have selected white as the color of the curtains, then an elaborate embroidery with super fine silver or golden silk thread would look marvelous.
A beaded detailing could also be created for rendering a contemporary look to scarves. Wooden buttons, handcrafted buttons or buttons having metallic luster look perfect over cotton and chiffon fabric.
With so many ideas presented in the aforementioned content, you can now select the best design for your home. Explore your creativity to come up with really good ideas for scarf window treatments, that would not only complement the ambiance of your home but would also beautify its décor.