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Satin Paint

Pragya T Jun 6, 2019
Satin paint is a paint finish which can be used for exterior or interior painting. Read on to learn more about it...
Finishes play an important role when it comes to interior painting, as they help to protect the walls. Some variety of finish, even help to conceal the imperfections of the wall, while some tend to magnify them. Some finishes allow scrubbing, while some don't stand cleaning.
One of the best choice of finish is satin paint finish. It is a medium-gloss finish, which has qualities of both flat finish and glossy finishes, which makes it one of the preferred choice.


Satin paint finish is a type of finish. It is between the matte/flat paint finish and the glossy finishes. Hence, it seems like a good choice of finish. Let us discuss first what a matte finish or flat finish is. Flat paint gives a non-reflective finish to the wall. It is very much suited for walls which have imperfections.
Flat or matte paint due to this particular attribute is the preferred choice for walls which have imperfections like cracks, gaps, uneven surfaces, etc. However, this paint can't be scrubbed or cleaned, and so is not suitable for high traffic areas of the house.
Another finish which lies between matte and satin finish is the eggshell paint, which has no sheen like flat paint, but withstands wear and tear better than flat finish. Main difference between satin and eggshell finish is that, satin paint has a little sheen to it, but it can withstand a little better than eggshell paint, and can be cleaned mildly.
Now, let us compare satin vs. semi gloss paint. Satin paint is actually a medium-gloss finish, which means it has a smooth sheen, but is not as glossy or reflective as semi-gloss or gloss finish. Also, painting over satin paint with a glossy finish is easier.
Satin-painted surfaces can't be cleaned with abrasive cleaners, but you can do mild cleansing on them. Occasionally, to get rid of dirt on the wall surfaces you can perform cleaning of the satin-painted surfaces, with mild cleaning products.
It is available in many colors too, or you can buy the normal transparent variety. You can also mix these paint finishes, to get a color or shade of your choice.
It is affordable and you can easily find it on the shelf. Make sure you read the label properly to find the variety or shade of satin paint of your choice.
Due to all its qualities, it can be used in many sections of the house. You can use it for bedrooms or living rooms or hallways, as it is not very glossy. But, as it allows mild cleaning it can be used to paint a kitchen room too, and ceiling if they need mild cleaning.
However, when performing paint job on kitchen room, avoid painting the wall trims with it. For the wall trims go with semi-gloss finish, as wall trims tend to get dirty and grimy very soon. For this purpose a semi-gloss finish is a good idea as it allows cleaning. Avoid using satin finish for bathrooms.
You can also use satin finish for interior surfaces as well as outdoor surfaces. Because, of its glossy nature this finish protects the exterior walls from sun damage. It can also be used on wooden furniture and aluminum siding.