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Rustic Western Window Treatments

Rustic Western Window Treatments
Incorporating the western, rustic theme in your window treatments is made easy with the unique ideas suggested here. Read on...
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Dec 07, 2018
Living Room Loft In Rustic Style
Rustic homes have their own laid back charm and warmth which is missing in many of the modern decors. And if you add some elements of cowboy style to it, the result can be mind-blowing!
When it comes to the interior home décor, the kind of window treatments that you opt for, have a direct bearing on the look, character and feel that a particular room exudes. Rustic western window treatments, if done properly, can lend their own sweet yet energetic charm to the look of a room.
Western Style Window Treatments
Patterns and Colors...
The first pattern for curtains, that comes to mind, when you think of western style window treatments, is red and white checks. This pattern reminds one of the square dances at the barn! Another pattern which is a great reminder of cowboy way of living is the buffalo plaid.
Window with aerial cityscape
Buffalo plaid looks good in colors, such as, white and black, red and black, black and blue, purple and black or pink and black. So, you can choose curtains in any of these patterns and colors for your window treatments in cowboy style!
For those of you who want a clean, sophisticated look, with a cowboy, rustic effect thrown in, one of the best styles and patterns is to opt for curtains with multicolored stripes. The color of the stripes should be such that it reminds one of rural life, greenery and wilderness. Green, red, brown and tan colored stripes are what you should look for!
Layering with Valances and Side Panels...
For a rustic look, a layered, heavy look goes very well. Side panels as well as valances, will help you give a heavy, layered look to your windows. If you want your windows to look classy, choose tan colored valances which have patterns made of horse pictures, cowboy boots, stars or anything which is a reminder of the cowboy's lifestyle!
Gold Curtains
A unique idea for such patterns can be to opt for ivory and brown color pattern and create a kind of a cowhide over the curtains. Keep the curtains in light brown color beneath these cowhide valances, as the contrast of the light and dark brown, will give an amazing look to your windows!
For those of you who want to bring out the cowboy theme in the most obvious way, a good idea is to opt for faux leather valances in dark brown color, which come with a fringe at the bottom!
Although leather and suede are the perfect materials for valances as they go very well with the leather sofas in a cowboy style décor, yet, valances in wool and flannel look equally appealing, as they build up on the rustic theme of the décor. If privacy is not an issue, then you can consider hanging only valances from the curtain rods!
However, if you prefer a layered look with valances and side panels, you can tie the side curtains with a rope, instead of a sash! This will further help in enhancing and bringing forth the cowboy theme, through your window decor!
Finials, Curtain Rings and Rods...
To complete the rustic look, choose cowboy style finials and curtain rings. If you search carefully, you will find curtain rings and finials which have figures like a cowboy hat, a cowboy riding a horse, a star, a cowboy boot, etc. on them. So, use such accessories on the windows, to jazz up your window treatments.
As you can see, there are so many interesting ways in which the rustic, western theme can be incorporated in the window treatments. So, now that you have so many ideas up your sleeve, make use of some of these and transform the way your windows look, to match with your rustic, western interior decor!