How to Choose Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Medha Godbole Oct 16, 2018
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Rustic furniture is becoming increasingly popular. This style of furniture gives a cozy country-style feel. Here is an information on rustic cabinets for your kitchen.
A great way to give an extremely sophisticated look to your kitchen is to get rustic decor. Cabinets with a rustic appearance refers to country-style cabinets. These have a rugged and rural feel.
Even if the other appliances and décor is more modern, these cabinets can impart a drastically varied look to your kitchen. They are normally made of wood, which gives that folk look.
This style has evolved from a long tradition of cabinetry and woodwork, which includes Scandinavian, French Provincial, early American Colonial, and a few other styles of design.


A cabinet can be a built-in or freestanding type. The best examples of built-in designs are the ones in modern homes. The latter are available as off-the-shelf items and are portable. They can also be hung on the wall or suspended from the ceiling in a few cases.
They can either have a face frame or not have a frame at all. The frameless ones are also called the 'European style'.


Rustic cabinets are fundamentally made on the basis of what is rural. This style has grown in popularity in the last decade or so. Their most prominent feature is the knots of wood on the surface.
The more extreme the color variation is in the wood, the more attractive the furniture. What makes them an excellent choice is the fact that they are sturdy and durable.
They give you a lot of scope to have carved and ornamental wooden knots and other Victorian-style hardware. They look best with soft colored walls, antique-style lighting, and wooden antiques.
However, these types of cabinets need to be simple. For the best look, they can be hand-carved using oak, maple, cherry, pine, hickory, walnut, and other types of wood. Pine and hickory are the most popular choices.
But, if you want to have a cabinet with a rustic yet contemporary look, aluminum, stainless steel, and decorative laminates will do the trick. Here is a brief checklist of what you need to keep in mind to have fabulous cabinets, whether you already have them or want to get some.
● Giving a makeover to your existing cabinets is what you can do if you are not too keen on spending a lot of money on new ones. You can replace the old doors, drawer fronts, and moldings for a more rustic look.
● You can try painting or staining them.
● If you are starting all over, the most convenient choice would be to buy custom-made cabinets. No hassle; just give the specifications and you are sorted out. The only drawback is that this will be more time-consuming than just changing the moldings or drawer fronts. But, you would get the perfect fit for your kitchen.
● If you want to display your cutlery, china, or ceramics, having glass paneled doors is the most appropriate choice.
● While choosing shades, chose warm shades like orange, red, and brown. Thinking of the countryside décor will give you further clues about what type of colors to choose.
● Simplicity portraying a less likely modern style defines the rustic look. It is all about the 'countryside' effect, so keep this in mind.
● Along with being classy and stylish, rustic furniture can be really effective in portraying that old-fashioned and cozy ambiance.
● Alder, cherry, hickory (one of the strongest types of woods), and some other hardwoods are best for these cabinets.
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