Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Mamta Mule Dec 17, 2018
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If you are planning to refurbish your bathroom, then here's a way to make it the best. Rustic ideas provided here will help you to transform it into an ultimate looking area.
Remodeling your bathroom? You can plan to convert it into a completely elegant looking area. Opting for a rustic theme is the best way if you want to give a warm and elegant touch to the bath area. Well, implementing it rightly is the key to a defined and awesome looking bathroom.
From the basics to the decorative additions, you need to pick each and every element perfectly suitable for this theme. Here are some ideas that you can opt for:

Flooring and Walls

These are amongst the most prominent elements of a bathroom. While you want to implement a rustic theme, you can pick the natural stones for both, bathroom flooring and walls. Granites and marbles are perfect pieces for that elegant look.
Go for neutral colors. You can have a monochromatic look by using two shades of same colors for flooring and shower area. For the walls, you can consider an ultimate-looking stone texture or a stone wall.
You could even convert the wall with largest dimensions into a stone wall. There are a number of options in stones, which you can go for. You could also opt for a log cabin wall, and a complementing wooden-finish door for a cozy feel. Adding matchstick or bamboo blind for that window is a smart idea.

Fixtures and Furniture

Substituting the existing fixtures with those that give a rustic feel is a good idea. Pick pieces that will have the appearance of older time period. Use copper or bronze fixtures such as taps, shower heads, and handles, which are the best ones to complement the theme.
While buying furniture, remember that this will be the highlighting feature of your bathroom, especially it's vanity. Go for wooden vanities and open shelves for placing essentials. You can also have wood vanities with natural wood finish without laminates and polished nicely for a beautiful look.
You can have sink and bathtub in wood, marble, or copper finish. While you shop for the lighting fixtures, you are sure to get confused due to the amazing variety available in these. Those with wooden touch and antique look will instantly play up the bath area.
Make sure that you have enough illumination, but not excess to maintain that rustic feel. You could install a large, antique mirror above the vanity and one with wooden frame on another wall, each with matching light fixtures.


Apart from the aforementioned fixtures and accessories, you can add much more to it. The waste baskets, cloth baskets, boxes used for placing grooming products and stools, all can be so bought to rightly match this theme.
Teak shower bench and wicker baskets are decoration pieces that will impart a rustic feel. You could also keep green plants in hanging wicker baskets on one side of the vanity. You can also opt for shower curtains, towels, and napkins in nature-inspired prints and earthy colors.
The aforementioned ideas will definitely help you in bathroom remodeling project. While implementing these ideas, make sure that the color schemes and accessories go well with each other and create the uniform effect. Get started to have a classy and warm bathroom.
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