Rubber Vs. Tile Garage Flooring

Buzzle Staff Sep 29, 2018
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Simple additions made to rooms help transform that space in a big way. Here is information about rubber garage flooring and tile garage flooring. Which one works best for you? Let's find out...
If you have a large garage which is connected to your house, then you are one lucky person. Because most homes lack this utility space, forcing those who do not have their own garages to opt for parking spots instead.
The floor is often the most neglected part of any home. Of course things need not remain the same forever, with new flooring options available. When you actually plan to do up the garage flooring, a lot of options to choose from. Here is information about two kinds of this - Knowing about them will help you decide what you would like on your garage floor.

Rubber Garage Flooring

This kind of garage flooring adds expediency and value to the garage. It also has many advantages, one of which is easy installation. The other advantages of going with this option are.
✦ There is a considerable decrease of dirt in your home when you use rubber as your go-to material for your garage floor. This is because most of the brands that manufacture this flooring make sure that they prevent debris from clinging on to one's tires or shoes.
✦ This type provides a padded surface that do not tire your legs. This kind of flooring also diminishes noise and provides some level of insulation against cold and hot temperatures.
✦ This kind of flooring installs easily because it rolls out with ease.

✦ If you want to protect the underlying concrete facade from grease, chemicals, oil spills and other damaging material, then rubber garage flooring is a good choice.
✦ It serves as a great way of avoiding a slippery surface that can build over time if you don't clean floors up often, or if you choose something like vinyl.

Please Note

Like all products, this one too has its limitations. It has a low resistance to petroleum products, which may be a problem if you are using the garage to park your car. Summertime temperatures may also be a cause of concern as the heat might cause the rubber garage flooring to adhere to the tires (if the rubber quality isn't meant for extreme conditions).
Your best option would be to go with polyvinyl which is a rubberized material of vinyl, and has at least a 10 year durability stamp.

Tile Garage Flooring

This type of flooring is better than concrete flooring options, simply because it offers more traction under one's feet and for your car's wheels. Apart from that, it comes in a variety of colors and patterns which adds just the right amount of style to an otherwise plain garage space. The advantages of having this type of flooring are:
✦ It is incredibly easy to install. This tile flooring has an interlocking grid setup, and the only pieces of equipment that are needed to actually install the tiles include a utility knife, a piece of chalk, a tape measure, and knee pads in most cases. Use the tape measure to ensure that the dimensions that you have taken are correct.
Once this is done, you will be able to draw straight lines on the garage floor. Have a professional do this for you, if you have trouble doing it yourself.
✦ These kinds of tiles are easy to maintain - the only thing you need to do to keep them clean, is to either vacuum or hose them down with some water (look into the instructions of how to care for these, without attempting to try cleanup options yourself.
✦ Apart from being all the given, tile garage flooring is durable and resistant to peeling, chipping and cracking. This flooring is also not affected by grease, oil, or any other products that are found in a garage. Heavy vehicles can be accommodated when driven over these tiles as well.

Please Note

When opting for tile garage flooring styles, make sure they aren't hollow cored or perforated, and come with top-notch PVC built material. It has to be a 100% PVC to ensure that you make the most of its durable nature, giving you long-lasting results upon installation.
Also, stay clear from polypropylene and copolymers, since these mimic the characteristics of PVC but aren't as durable or reliable in the long haul. A lot of companies use cheap filler materials and those that are recycled to create garage flooring tiles that will prove to be a waste of your money, if spent on as your prime choice.
Be sure to look online for flooring that best suits your needs, and read extensively into what each one offers and guarantees. Websites like armorgarage and swisstrax offer customers unadulterated installation options in varied styles/materials.