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Rubber Duck Bathroom Decor

Sybil T Oct 17, 2018
Rubber duck decor is a quaint way to liven up the bathroom in your house. Here are a few tips to decorate your bathroom with this theme and relive those days when you were a kid.
... Everyday when I make my way to the tubby
I find a little fella who's cute, yellow, and chubby.
(rub-a-dub-a-dubby) . . .
Rubber Ducky I'm awfully fond of you
Remember this song from the movie Sesame Street? Rubber ducks have been around since the 1800s, but they gained popular fame in the 1970s when the character Ernie sang it in Sesame Street. As children, we just loved having rubber ducks around in our bathroom, and so do our kids.
For many of us, the rubber duck, invariably referred to as rubber ducky or rubber duckie, evokes nostalgia of our childhood.
Bathing became the most anticipated exercise for kids when it had rubber ducks swimming in the bathtub. It's fun watching a family of 6 floating rubber ducks drifting across the water.
Well, they have been a part of our old set of toys for most of us. Come to think of it, utilizing the same theme as decoration can be a very pleasant trip down the memory lane.
Nonetheless, you can also infuse this theme in your bathroom for your little ankle-biter if he's from the one who refrains from having a water bath.

Decorating Your Bathroom with a Rubber Duck Theme

Traditionally, rubber ducks are yellow in color, but a lot of variations are also available these days. Shopping for them shouldn't be troublesome, whether it is for your kid or yourself. You can get them at any departmental store at affordable prices.
An easy way is to look up the Internet―you'll find many hardware stores on the web specializing in duck paraphernalia and they home deliver it as well. They are available in various styles and colors, so you can mix and match for your particular theme.
You can add a couple of shelf spaces to display a few ceramic or resin rubber ducks in your collection. If you've a favorite rubber duck poster, this is the right time to frame and hang it on the bathroom wall.
You can even buy pictures and frame them or buy them ready-made. Another tip would be to add a duck-shaped cabinet with a rubber duck knob, or a plain one with a duck decoration. Cabinets provide additional storage space, so you can keep one close to the bath enclosure.
When you're shopping for accessories, keep in mind not to overdo it. Don't buy every type of rubber duck available in the market. Plan the accessories you would like to add; choose a color scheme of your choice and map the accessories accordingly.
Also, consider if it's for kids or adults. The décor can vary from soft and happy colors that would be ideal for young kids to introduce a sophisticated and chic look in your bathroom. If your theme is ducks on a beach or in a garden, you can throw in seashells or butterflies here and there. Let's take a look at each area in the bathroom individually.

Entrance area

A duck bathroom mat can adorn the entrance of your bathroom. If you're the adventurous type, you can place an arch of flying ducks at the top of the door. You can even add a rubber duck door sign stating "This is where Daffy Duck bathes!" Additionally, you can use a wall ornament too, like a light switch cover.

Bathroom walls

If the bathroom is already tiled and you plan to keep it that way (the tiles should be in good shape), you can use duck stencils and paint them. If the tiles are not in a good state, you can shop for rubber duck tiles.
If your bathroom walls are without tiles, you can spray paint and decorate the walls with ducky wall art. Place duck stencils randomly across the wall, with the ducks facing the same direction (you can do this on plain wall tiles by placing the design at equal lengths). Sketch the outlines first before you paint them. You can even use duck decals.

Bath enclosure

This is the focus of your bathroom and a shower curtain would be an ideal way to emphasize this area.
You can buy a ready-made rubber duck shower curtain and hang it with themed curtain rings. Add matching bathtub plugs, duck mesh sponge, tub treads, bath towels, etc.
A reachable shelf near the bathtub can be used to display your favorite duck or your kid's favorite pull-string sailor duck. A duck soap dispenser on the countertop or wall-mounted soap sack would finish off the décor in this space.

Sink area

Install blue or any other colored glass sink that matches with the background.
You will need a shelf to keep the ducky bathroom set. Instead of one long shelf, you can place two or three smaller shelves, preferably with railings, so the duck toothbrush holder doesn't topple over when the kid is trying to use it.
You can add a duck towel ring to hang a hand towel. The area between the duck designed vanity mirror and the sink can be decorated using decals. All colors can be synchronized so that the décor does not look loud and is pleasing to the eye. You can add a matching nylon rug below. Use a step stool for your young kid, so he/she can reach the sink.


Curtains with duck prints and a couple of rubber ducks on the window sill can match this area to the rest of your bathroom theme.
While you're working on your theme, just see that it doesn't get too monotonous and repetitive. You can add some duck hooks to hang your bathrobe and duck bath toy bag on a convenient wall of the bathroom. Of course, don't forget the duck-printed bathroom slippers.
You can do it yourself or take the help of an interior designer. Add a lot of variations to keep the décor functional as well as interesting enough for the kid to enjoy his/her bath. Remember, that such a bathroom décor is a great way to show off your quirky side, so go ahead, irrespective of whether it is for your kid or yourself. Have fun!