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Room Makeover Ideas for Boys

Mukta Gaikwad Dec 05, 2018
Here are a few room makeover ideas for boys, that will change them into being responsible men. Read on for more...
Boys will be boys! Recognizing a boy's room is a 'no-brainer'. Scattered books, chipping posters, hibernating computer, clothes falling off from everywhere, and food left overs are the defining details of a boy's room. The room looks less of a room to live in and more of a garbage dump.
Tired of seeing the same old mess in your boy's room? Sure you are. Following these room makeover ideas for boys will transform the room altogether. The aim is to make space for everything, throw the clutter out, and make the room look neat and tidy. So, pull your act together, and get down to some cleaning business.

Color Scheme

Boys love bright and bold. They are more of outdoorsy and willing to experiment. So don't be shy to use vibrant colors in your boy's room. Crimson, dark blue, shades of yellow, combination of black and white will give the room a lively effect.
Boys don't kind of understand the concept of using pastel shades, so just avoid them. Make sure the entire room is not painted in a dark color, as it will make the place look dingy and dark. It's always safe to have paint as compared to wall paper, as it is easier to maintain.


The important part of bedroom decoration for a boy's room is to keep it as simplistic as possible. Boys simply dislike the satiny curtains and intricately crafted wrought iron beds.
Hence, just go in for minimalistic furniture, both in style and number. Have a separate study table, which can be used for multiple uses like storing books, for a laptop, or just as a table to pile things on (at least they won't be lying all over the place!).


The creation of clutter begins from a lousy attempt at accessorizing the walls and cupboards. So just do it for them. Get the posters of favorite movies, football clubs, actors, and rock stars framed and put them up on the walls.
This way the posters remain safe from dust and pests and the wall too is saved from all the glue and adhesives. If you are decorating a kid's room, then having a small basketball ring on the wall is also a good idea. Create a space for all the musical instruments like guitar, violin, and so on.


Towels on the floor, wet floor, and innumerable clothes on every flat surface. Boys and bathroom don't really gel. Hence, keep the bathroom as simple as possible. Again, make a separate space for every item in the bathroom.
For instance, soap cakes remain wet until they are used again. So see to it that all the toiletries are kept slightly away from the shower area. Keep a mop in the bathroom, so that you can draw out the water and keep it dry.
A room makeover will create a fresh space, adding enthusiasm, and organization. Once the room is completely changed, get your boys into the habit of keeping the room neat and clean. It's important to teach kids the need for organization and drawback of cluttering up a space.
Learning such skills in life at an early age, changes their perspective towards life (although in a small way) for better. A good room will always radiate charm and positivity, which will help your child in more ways than one.