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Room Decorating Ideas for Women

Gagan Dhillon Dec 5, 2018
Here is a complete guide on easy-to-do room decorating ideas for women, and tips for bedroom, dining room, living room, and dorm room decor. Read on to find out more.
Many of us are hesitant to try our hand at decorating our homes. Some doubt their choice, while others feel that they are not creative enough. Let's just focus on room decorating ideas for women. After all, it is us, who look after the house and make it presentable!
First things first, you must know what kind of look you are going for. Do you want it cozy and warm, or bright and happy? You can also pick between a modernistic or a futuristic approach. This interior decoration principle works for any room, be it the living room, the kids' room, or your own bedroom.
Decorating ideas do not have to come as an inspiration, you can read decoration magazines or take opinions. If a color scheme does not seem to work, then change it. All it needs is a little confidence and attitude. As a word of advice, do ask your partner what he/she would prefer, as it is as much his/her space as it is yours.
The next thing to do is decide whether you just want to rearrange the room or completely give it a face lift. In that case, you will have to finalize on a budget. Try and plan your shopping in such a way that you can avail discounts and concessions.
Simple buys like rugs, lamps, curtains, and bedspreads can help you give a fresh look for your room. Do not forget to mix it all up. Before you buy rugs, keep your pet in mind, as you may want to camouflage its fur.
Do not decorate if you are going through an emotional crisis. It will show in the decoration, and you would not like it later. Opt for light neutral drapes and sofas, that way you can add dramatic accessories without worrying about color coordination.
Think outside the box, experiment. Make sure you have the exact measurements for drapes. Remove the clutter, and keep it simple and elegant. Do not be afraid to clear out the things you do not need. It always helps if you decorate your home in such a way that household chores, like dusting, are made easier.

Decorating Ideas for Different Rooms

Living Room

This is the room where you will be spending most of your day, so make it as comfortable as possible. For your sake, keep in mind that the look should be easy to maintain.
Arrange the seating in a way that it focuses on the television or some other focal point, like a fireplace. Keep the season in mind, as you will not be using the fireplace in summer. Make sure your furniture is easy to look after.
Jazz up the room with some flower decorations. Do not use cheap artificial flowers, as nothing spells tackiness like fake flowers. 
Instead of many small pieces of decor, place a big, over-sized piece on the coffee table. You can even put some books on it.
The color scheme you choose should go with the mood you want to set for your living room. Soft hues of green, purple, and peach are very soothing. Also make sure that the decor is functional. Personalize the space by putting family pictures that capture the essence of your family.


The magic of married life happens in the bedroom, so do spend time decorating this room. Make it as comfortable and warm as possible. Use shades like reds and maroons. Spice it up with candles and interesting murals.
Bring in a comfy sofa or sitting space that can offer you a good afternoon snooze. Colorful rugs can also add zing to your den.
You can also get interesting lamps, and play with the lights to create an appropriate feel.
Instead of having a plain mirror, get an artistic one. If you are using neutral shades, bring pieces in strong contrasting colors to emphasize the shade.

Dining Room

The decoration in this room also depends on what kind of look you want. The key is to make sure it is not stuffy. Use natural light to your advantage, ensure that there is ventilation. 
Place the table in such a way that it does not obstruct a pathway. There should be plenty of space for the chairs to be pulled out. Even when everyone is seated, the area should be roomy enough.
When it comes to picking dining sheets and napkins, play with contrasts. The right fabric is again essential, so choose one that is easy to wash and does not stain.

Dorm Room

Your dorm room will be the one that you will always remember, as it is here that you will have the endless gossip sessions and girls' nights. You would want to remember a nicely done up dorm, but that does not mean you have to break the piggy bank. 
Decorating rooms on a budget is simple. You can push your bed against the wall, and serve the dual purpose of sitting space. You can create a collage of pictures, and put it on the wall. Get colorful drapes and chic bedspreads. An interesting lamp and a cute rug is all you need.

Room for Girls

Every young girl wants her room to be special. You can easily achieve this by following a 'happy and fun' color scheme. Use plenty of pink, orange, yellow, and blue colors. Add soft toys and decorate with your Barbie dolls. 
Personalize your room by putting up posters of your favorite singers and stars. You should also put up pictures of all your friends. You can even add a canopy on top of your bed to truly feel like a princess.
So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and decorate your house to reflect your personal taste.