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Room Decorating Ideas for Guys

Arjun Kulkarni Dec 5, 2018
Even guys want their bedrooms designed the way they want. Here are some ideas for decorating a boy's room, starting right from painting.
It has been the girls who have been fussy about how to decorate their rooms and not much attention has been paid to how or whether guys decorate their rooms. However, many boys are also in search of different ideas for their bedrooms, to ensure that they can have the coolest bedrooms for themselves.

Some Ideas

The first thing one has to keep in mind, is the tastes and preferences of the guy. Another thing that you need to keep in mind, is the age of the boy. Decoration which you will decide on will last 3-4 years, so it's essential that the decoration doesn't get 'too childish' or 'outdated', according to the child.


You can ask the guy, what color he likes. Usually, light blue and red are top favorites among preteens and teens. You could also go for a white room, with red stripes.
You could also style the room to a theme. For example, if you wish to go for a cartoon-themed bedroom, you could paint the walls with the cartoons of your child's choice. For those guys, who are in their 20s, a beige or cream colored room would look pretty classy.


The main pieces of furniture required in a boy's bedroom is a bed, wardrobe, study table, and an extra dresser, if necessary. Usually, you can get a kids' bedroom furniture unit, which can really simplify things.
A bed, cupboard, and dresser are all included in one unit and you don't have to go hunting for individual pieces of furniture. However, if you do not want this arrangement. You can buy all the furniture separately. But, make sure that the furniture you choose goes perfectly with the color of the paint.
Usually, kids would like furniture in lighter wooden colors, but if you want to style the room to a theme, then you'll have to go for the whole set. For instance, if you have chosen the NASCAR theme, then you can get one of those beds made in the shape of a car.


Usually, the one thing which guys really fuss about more than the painting and the furniture, is the accessories in the room. Never mind the painting, but the accessories have got to be just right. Kids always have this feeling that the room should give an idea of what its inhabitant is like.
So, a guy's room, in particular, can be decorated with the wallpapers of his favorite sports star, or car, or bike, or celebrity. What kind of music does your boy like? Does he support any sports team? Apart from wallpapers of his favorite players, you can also get the badges of his favorite team.
You also get sports memorabilia, like a basketball, made by his favorite NBA team. So, if you're going for a basketball-themed bedroom, you can go for the full deal, the colors of his favorite team painted on the wall, the wallpapers and the furniture which will go with it.
The point to consider and remember is that it is necessary to decorate the room in a way which your teen will like for at least 3 years. Children grow up quickly and if he starts to dislike it after 3 months of the painting, the whole effort will go down the drain. Hence, make sure that the room stays in sync with your boy's likes.