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Room Decorating Ideas for Boys

Parul Solanki Oct 9, 2018
Coming up with room decorating ideas for boys can be fun, especially when you are choosing themes which he absolutely adores. Here are a range of boys room decorating ideas.
Planning to decorate your son's room? Bedroom decorating ideas for boys can be real fun. You can take into consideration his favorite colors, his interests, and how he wants to use the room.
Don't forgot to add the "buggy" friends, his favorite superheroes, the endless list of sports superstars, those swashbuckling pirates, and the very loud and ugly dinosaurs that you should surely keep in mind. Here are some boys room decorations that are sure to be a hit with your kid.

Boys Room Decorating Ideas

Jungle Safari

Animals are a surefire way to thrill those young kids. This decorating idea can also work great for a nursery. The animal decor can range from realistic artwork and wall murals of animals to depictions of cute cartoon animals. In addition to the range of animals, you can add vines, trees, and other leafy foliage into the picture.
If you do not want to paint the walls, you can go for animal portraits, canvas prints, and wall hangings to decorate your son's room. 
For the other aspects of décor and accessories, you can choose safari bedding and quilts with colorful appliqués of animals, safari toy chests, and a cute little animal chair table set. A wonderful jungle tales lamp shade and an animal cutout rug can complete the décor for your boy's room.

Superheroes Theme

Powerful and amazing, these are certainly the words to describe the decorations that make your child's favorite comic book heroes come to life.
So if your kid likes Iron Man, then choose bedding collections containing pillows, shams, and throws that have Iron Man coming to life. For the walls, you can have your very own giant Iron Man wall murals, decals, wall stickers, and printed wall graphics.

Sports Theme

If you have a die-hard baseball fanatic as a son, then this is surely the theme for you. You can decorate your child's room with cards, figures, or even full-sized wall murals of some of his favorite players from your kid's favorite team. 
You can peel and stick baseball scorecard wall murals. The other accessories and room decorations for boys include brightly colored quilts with sports balls, sneakers, helmets, varsity letters, and much more. To complete the look, install a rug shaped like a baseball field, a cool sports lamp, and a sports-themed activity table.

Cars Theme

Whether you gain inspiration from the Disney Pixar Cars movie or from NASCAR circuits, this theme is an all-time hit with all young racing fans. To top it off, you have this huge assortment of NASCAR wall decals, borders, and stickers. You can chart the progress of your little racer with the vibrant Cars the Movie growth chart.
In addition to this, there are funky car lamp shades and cutout area rugs. Instead of a regular bed, for the bedroom furniture you can opt for a car bed.

Outer Space Theme

This is a theme for a self-proclaimed aspiring astronaut, the little kid just loved it when you decorated the room to resemble a spacecraft which was on a journey through the stars.
In addition to the walls painted as spaceship potholes overlooking the stars, planets, and galaxies, you can add a wall mural resembling a spaceship control panel. Add cool-looking green rocket lamp, vibrant blue quilt bedding with rockets and galaxies.
The Greek philosopher Plato once said "Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable". If you are one of those "lucky" parents who go home each day to find peeling wall posters, scattered clothes, and leftover food in your son's room, then you probably know what that wise man meant.
So instead of duplicating the room decorating ideas for boys that you can find in all those glossy magazines, look for something original taking into consideration the needs of your child.
Make sure that you have enough space for shelving and storage and just loads of baskets to put all his toys and the other random stuff into. After all, the ultimate goal for any kid's décor is to create a room for your son to relax and play in rather than cleaning up the messy clutter.