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Room Darkening Roller Shades

Rutuja Jathar Dec 1, 2018
Using room darkening roller shades are an elegant, effective, and an economical way to decorate your home with. Let's go through the various options that you can choose from.
Roller shades, curtains are the essential part of an interior decoration. They are made up of splines of various fabrics, like vinyl, wood, and metal. Available in a variety of fabrics and colors.
Some of them include- casement shade fabric, translucent shade fabric, solar shade fabric, room darkening shades, blackout roller blinds, etc.
Roller shades are really effective when it comes to offering privacy through window shading. They are capable of blocking the light partially as well as fully.
Room darkening is an easy way to stay away from the excessive heat in summertime and it also helps avoiding harmful ultraviolet rays. These shades are best utilized for bedrooms and home theater rooms. They fit perfectly as arches, skylights, and vertical blinds.

Blackout/Room Darkening Roller Shades

Also referred to as blackout roller blinds, these offer 99% protection from sunlight. There are numerous types that are available in home improvement stores. Their flair, fabric patterns, and color combinations are certainly eye-catching. To suit all your possible requirements, these shades are available in various styles.

Roman shades:

These types provide a classy look to your house. They are also known as fabric shades, as they are made of a thick blackout material that avoids 99% of sunlight. These shades give you a good old decorative look like that of curtains, and also serve a dual purpose by providing privacy and acting as a shade.
The versatile Roman shades are available in a variety of colors and different fabrics. You can choose them with hobbled folds or flat folds, and decorate the windows. When added with a room darkening liner, you can achieve a 100% dimout.

Woven wooden shades:

They are also popular as bamboo shades. They offer an exceptionally natural look to your home with their exotic textures. The woven wooden shades or blinds gel well with almost any decor.
There is a wide range of these available in bamboo, jute, matchsticks, reeds, wooden planks, and grass. These weaves are handmade and are available in flat and hobbled folds. They look very classy when decorated with privacy liners and edge bindings.

Cellular Shades:

Cellular shades are best known as honeycomb window blinds. These shade types are specially designed to enhance insulation and the energy efficiency of the room. Honeycomb shades come in single, double, or triple shades.
The thicker type of cellular shades provide the maximum light blocking. These roller shades are available in a wide range of colors and six pleat sizes, each with its unique light saving capacity that varies from filtering to total blackout. Soft light filtering fabrics or blackout cellular shades are best suited for rooms that require total blackout.

Panel track blinds:

They are also known as panel tracks or sliding glass window panels. They are really very simple and versatile window shades, also used as 'cheap room dividers' due to their low cost. The panel track blinds are available in many colors and textures like, pattern fabric, wood, and solar screen.
These elegant window shades enhance the contemporary look of the house. The fabric of the panel tracks is attached to a wheel track system added with a piece of hardware for support. You can upgrade your panel track blinds by using privacy liners, edge bindings, and valances.
These are some of the best available window shade types. The window shade fabrics come with tough metal clutches and cord tensioner that makes the shades more durable and easy to operate. 
All types of roller blinds are available in various forms, for their best utility. You can select any of the popular features of these shades, such as continuous cord loops, beaded cord loops, cordless, top down/bottom up, plastic clutches, metal clutches, and motorized roller shades.
There is no need to get confused. Just go and select any type of these easy to install room darkening shades that are easily available in your nearest home improvement store. Get trendy and make a style statement with the roller shades of your choice!