Room Colors for Boys

Pragya T Oct 9, 2018
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There are many options of room colors for boys. But, it is very important that you choose the room colors and themes wisely, so, that the room is liked by your son and is also easy to maintain. Here, we will help you choose room colors and the theme ideas to decorate the room.
There are many colors and themes for interior painting, which you can use to decorate boys' rooms. However, make sure you stick to colors which look sober and not even slightly girly. Also, avoid going for baby soft colors and it is a good idea to always mix two or three colors together when considering a room color scheme.

How to Choose Color for Boys' Rooms?

Choosing the right colors, theme and accessories for interior decorating of a boy's room can be a tough job. Here, are some guidelines to guide you in the right direction. If you are expecting a baby boy, you can paint the room in bright and creamy shades. 
However, children grow fast and your son might not like the room colors after a certain time. He will have his own preference of colors and wall paintings.
So, it is safe to stick to colors like brown and yellow, and interior themes like race cars while painting the room for a baby boy. 
If you already have a son and are going for a makeover or painting a new room for your boy, it is important to keep in mind the interests of your boy, for example, his favorite sport can be used to paint the room in a sporty theme. If your child likes cartoons, decorate the room walls with various cartoon characters.
If your son is old enough, discuss some theme ideas with him and choose the one he likes the most. After painting the room, it's imperative to use a good finish. Usually flat finishes are used for bedrooms, however they are not durable. 
Opt for a semi-gloss finish for boys' rooms, as they are easy to maintain. Semi-gloss finishes are very durable and can be scrubbed. So, you don't have to be worried about your boy staining the perfectly painted walls. Here are the interior colors and ideas for painting boys' rooms.

Boys' Room Colors

There are many color options for painting boys' rooms. Here, are some options for room colors and moods they produce.


Blue is undoubtedly a boys' color, whether it comes to clothing or room color. Blue, is a cool and calming color, which matches any type of furniture or accessories. 
Select medium or light shades of navy, cobalt or ocean blue for the walls. If you are going with deep blue-colored walls then make sure you go with light-colored furniture.


Gray gives a balanced look and feel to a room. However, it can give a dull feeling to a room, so use bright color paint designs to balance this color. Stick to light or medium shades of the color.
One interesting way to use gray when decorating a boy's room is to paint all the walls gray and then make a collage on one wall using three colors like bright blue, green, and red.


Yellow is one of the bright and cheerful room colors for guys. This color is very suitable for small rooms, as it will open up the space. 
You can select light shades of yellow and decorate the walls with dark and colorful themes. You can combine practically any color and room decorating ideas with yellow-colored walls.


Deep shades of red look great in boys' room. The color combinations of dark or medium dark shades of red with black, gray, brown, white, or beige will help to tone down the red and still look great.
You can also try painting one wall red and the other walls a neutral shade like cream or gray. Keep few items in the room like bed sheets, lampshade or chair in red color to add more to the color scheme.


Cream is a neutral color and can be used to paint walls of a girl's or a guy's room. However, the best part about cream color is that it complements nicely with any other darker color.
You can paint cream walls and then have some items in dark color to complement the cream-colored walls.


Brown gives a masculine feeling to a room. This color is preferred not only for boys' rooms, but also for rooms meant for men. Select shades like beige or medium chocolate shades for painting boys' rooms.
Or you can paint walls in cream and have some brown stripes on it.

Decorating Ideas for Boys' Rooms

There are many room color ideas for boys. Here are some tips for painting a room in attractive theme

Pirates of the Caribbean Theme

You can select a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' theme. Paint one wall of the room in an oceanic manner and add images like ships and characters like Captain Jack Sparrow, etc. You can also use a bed, which is shaped like a little boat.

Space Theme

'Astronomical Space' is a popular theme, for bedroom decorating for boys. Use an Apollo bed set, paint walls to resemble galaxies, hang planetary system models and stick some glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling, and you will have an amazing space theme.

Cartoon Theme

If your child likes 'cartoons', you can decorate the room by painting cartoon characters on the walls and placing toys on the table and shelves.

Race Cars Theme

'Race cars' theme is an all-time favorite with most boys. Paint the wall with race tracks and moving cars with speed-lines behind them. You can also select a Ferrari car shaped bed, and place some toy models of cars on the table and shelves.
After you are done painting the room, make sure you select appropriate furniture. With time your son's stuff will increase and the extra space will be great for storage and maintaining a clutter-free room.
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