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Room Additions for Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are certainly considered to be a viable option by many. If you feel the need for a bigger home due to your growing family, you could even install room additions to your mobile home, thereby increasing the living space. The following write-up provides a few solutions for adding rooms to your mobile home the right way.
Stephen Rampur
A mobile home is certainly an affordable alternative for many people. But, nowadays, insufficient living space is becoming a serious problem, with an increase in family size. If you are thinking of increasing your living space, room additions are a very convenient solution.
Things to Consider
Those who are thinking of additions for mobile homes need to consider, if their mobile home can bear the weight of the extra room. This is because mobile homes do not have a stable foundation like permanent homes. Mobile homes are constructed, in such a way, that they can easily stand firm, despite being in motion more often.
Weight, Pressure, and Support Factors of the Additions
It's quite a dicey situation, trying to add stuff on to a home that doesn't have a strong infrastructure. That is why if you've got any questions regarding your home's integrity, you can ask your builder. The builder or any expert on mobile homes (in case your builder is unavailable) would be able to tell you how much weight and pressure the home can handle. The support of a mobile home comes from the ceiling, and there are few mobile homes which do not have any support at all. Usually, these additions are built to be set without any support, or only with minimum contact with the home itself. The addition can be properly sealed against the mobile home, however, its support may not entirely depend on the home.
Following Local and Federal Regulations
There are different prerequisites for adding a room to a mobile home, as compared to other typical home additions. A well-known and experienced contractor would certainly help you regarding all the aspects to be considered while installing an addition safely, as per the local regulations. You also need to get in touch with your local building inspector's office, regarding all legal issues and safe construction details and regulations, which you and your contractor need to follow. It's also suggested to take help from a local mobile home dealer, for obtaining recommendations of reputed contractors, who have expertise in this field. For one, you can make sure of not building anything illegal in your home. Secondly, it helps create friendly atmosphere with your neighbors and the local contractor, which can go a long way in getting that additional room built.
Turnkey Room Additions for Mobile Homes
If you think that there can be a certain risk in the future if you add conventional mobile home additions, it is better to go in for a turnkey addition. This type of mobile home addition is set up together at a factory similar to mobile homes. They are specifically constructed, keeping in mind, the standards and facts that they would be joined to mobile homes. They can be transported directly to where your mobile home is and incorporated with it.
Adding a Porch to the Mobile Home
Many people also opt for adding a porch along with a separate room addition. A porch is a very good place for hosting parties, but it is an inexpensive option. Instead of constructing it on the base of the mobile home, it is better to construct the porch separately and then, attach it to the home. This is because when moving the home, the porch would get damaged. Before installing the project, simply get in touch with your local building department, if there are some legal formalities to be carried out. The same goes for a deck, a carport, or even some steps. Either keep them unattached (maintain a small space between the home and the extension), or get some extensions that can be dismantled easily.
Taking Care of the Footing
If your home is not installed on frostline footings in a snowy area, the piers could shift, thereby causing the added room to move from its initial position. The room can then either break away from the home, or drop down due to excessive pressure. If you used simple piers, the ground below may heave after it snows, causing the pier to rise up due to non-leveled ground. Frostline footings, on the other hand, make sure the pier doesn't shift and greatly increases stability of your additional room.
Room Addition Cost
When thinking of rooms for mobile homes, a very important factor to be considered is the cost of the overall project. If you hire a contractor to construct a room addition, he can charge you up to approximately $75-$250 per square foot, depending on the complexity, materials required, local labor expenses; or around $30,000 to $100,000 for a 16x25 foot room. However, the overall expenses might even climb to $300 to $500 or more per square foot, depending on your customizations and luxury requirements.
Additions for mobile homes certainly increase the living space and also, contribute to an increase in the overall cost of your home. Moreover, this project is comparatively inexpensive, and may easily fit into your budget.