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Colors Options for Roof Shingles

Mamta Mule Jul 14, 2019
Planning exterior home improvement? Then choosing a color for your roof shingles is an important task as they highlight your house. Here are some ideas...
Roof shingles are available in various types, materials, and colors. They are either flat or curved tiles of individual overlapping elements which interlock and channel water off a pitched roof. Installed in a single layer, these will make your roof water-resistant.
Shingles are made from various materials like ceramic, wood, slate, asbestos-cement, etc. according to the material, cost varies. Choosing an appropriate color is a task that needs to be done correctly, as this affects the exterior look of your house. So what are the things to consider while choosing the color? Let's find out.

Ideas and Options

Remember that a mismatch can diminish the beauty of your exteriors. To have the best appearance, you need to choose a color coordinating well with the existing exterior color scheme. The wall color of your house is the most important. 
Like if the exterior paint color is gray, having gray shingles is a great idea. Next, have the wall trims in white which is sure to make a classic combo. Contrasting the color of roof shingles with exterior paint color is also a great idea.
Considering the trim color will make your choice more specific and help you pick the best. You can also go for colors that match with the trim and complement well the exterior home color. For example, a gray shingle, white trim and maroon wall color, all complement each other very well.
Choosing the colors is much easier if you have white exteriors. Also, any other neutral colored exteriors can be easily matched with dark-colored shingles. Shingles in shades of gray and brown are quite popularly used. 
For exteriors having red color, or that popular brick wall look, you can opt for lightest gray or white color for the shingles. For exteriors in stone or rock finish, which is close to gray, you can have gray, white or maroon.
Well, you can do more than just matching the shingle color with your exteriors to have a great looking house. If you want your house to stand out from the neighboring ones, all you need to do is concentrate on the shingle color. Look around and check out the shingle colors of homes in your area, especially the ones in your neighborhood.
To make sure that your house looks unique, go for a color different from them. Most of them might have white roof shingles, then you can go for darkest gray, green, maroon or blue.
Make sure that it stands apart, but looks classy and complement with your exteriors. Don't choose a wrong color, just to make it look different. The basic rules of matching it with the wall color and trim need to be followed.
Checking reviews will help you go for the best product. Before installing, consider the various types of shingles in the market to finalize one. Apart from following these, you can also check out a number of pictures of exteriors of house and how the shingle colors are matched. This will give a great idea on which color looks best with your exterior walls.