Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Aparna Jadhav Dec 13, 2018
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Your bedroom is the only room in the house which is very personal, and defines comfort on every level. If you're married and need some unique ideas to personalize your bedroom, take a look at these ideas!
A bedrooms defines a person's or couple's personality. Some love it cozy and comfortable while some like to have it classy and stylish. No matter what your choice is, the bedroom has to be the prettiest room in anyone's home. People love to personalize it with pictures and plants which give it an even more decorative look.
Having a beautiful view is preferred by everyone, so it can have large life sized windows, or doors which open into the balconies or patios. The view makes the room more romantic. Wouldn't you love to have breakfast in bed with your sweetheart under a cozy sheet just watching the sunrise?

Romantic Ideas for Bedroom Decor

There are various ways in which you can decorate your bedrooms, and give it a personalized touch. You need to make it as cozy as you can, to make it cozy and comfortable. Let's dive in!

Decoration Ideas

First and foremost, get the perfect bed for yourselves which shouldn't be too big or small for the room. When you are buying the bed, make sure you sit or sleep on the mattress to see if it is comfortable for both of you.
To decorate the bed, you can have a styled headboard with either leather covering or simply wooden. Some headboards even come with cushioned covers. You can have the bed made in any style, after you've selected it.
If you like Victorian styles, get a wall curtain above the bed, and if you want a more elegant look, try getting a canopy for bed. You can have white transparent curtains hanging from the canopy to give it a warm and romantic look.
Valences and curtains with beads, fringes, and lace can add elegance to your windows and doors. You can have cushioned sofas or chairs inside the bedroom to give it an even more comfortable look. Accessorize the room as much as you can.
Add mirrors, nightstands lamps, picture frames, and candle stands to beautify it in graceful ways. Paintings and large picture frames can also give your bedroom a majestic and royal look. Decorate your walls with simple pastel colors like white and creams.
Aroma candles and sweet fragrances in the room accentuates the mood, and helps you relax.

Other ideas can include wooden beds and floors to give a light and summary mood to the bedroom. Flowers and ornamental plants also add a beautiful touch to the interior of the room.
Lights are the best way to juggle with moods inside your bedroom. Nowadays, people love to install lights which change with time. They give the room a very beautiful look and also make it more presentable. If you don't want to install such lights, you can simply get dim lights done to complement the furniture.
The colors are a very important factor while decorating the room. You can either have a color scheme to go with the entire house, or an individual color scheme.
Wooden interiors with browns and cocoa are the most wanted for bedrooms, as they give a warm and homely look, and also go with any color of fabric.
A bedroom is a couple's hangout, so pinks and reds wouldn't be a very great color for it. Light pastel colors like lemon yellow, cream, gray, green, and blue can make the room look very pleasant and beautiful.
Your canopy and wall curtains can be white to go with any wall colors, and the bed colors can be any shades of blue, peach, yellow, cream, pink, or gray. The lamps by the bedside can also be of similar colors.
The window and door curtains need to be of a darker shade, so as to obstruct the light when needed. They can be shades of maroon, mauve, brown, red, dark blue, or intense green. You can have white sheer drapes, or any light shades for the sheer drapes.
Your bedroom furniture like chairs, coffee tables, and the sofas can also be of the colors that complement the color scheme.

Make sure you use different or opposite color accessories to give a slightly mismatched look to the interiors. Artificial flowers also look romantic and beautiful.