Tips for Replacement of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Bidisha Mukherjee Oct 23, 2018
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Need a replacement of cabinet doors in your kitchen? Wondering about various options available? This article guides you to make the right selection and gives you the tips you can count on.
The cabinet doors in the kitchen are exposed to maximum wear and tear due to their extensive use. They are pushed and pulled a countless number of times throughout the day. Besides, grease, smoke, and heat cause further damage.
In case, you are thinking about redoing this vital space of your house, then the first thing you need to do is either replace the entire cabinet or opt only to replace the doors. Of the two, the latter option is better, as it saves you a lot of money.


Replacing cabinet doors is similar to kitchen remodeling. You have a wide variety of options available, in terms of material, design, or style. Let's discuss all of them in detail. You should choose the ones that suit your kitchen best.

Material Required

Mostly, these doors are made of wood. Laminate is another good choice due to its durability and easy maintenance.
If you do not prefer wood, then stainless steel or glass are the two other options available.
It is not at all essential that you choose the doors of the same material as that of the base of the cabinet. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the color of the base and the new doors should be similar or at least as close as possible.


Both, framed as well as frameless doors are available in the market. To decide which one can you opt for, depends upon the kind of cabinet bases you have.
The framed one exposes almost 1 inch of the frame on all sides of the door. In frameless, frames are fixed on the sides of the cabinet base and not at the front.
The hinges of the frameless doors are usually hidden; while those of the framed one are exposed. Unique types of framed doors are also available, which look like a frameless one when closed, with very little or no base visible.


There are 3 different styles: simple flat, raised panel, and recessed panel door. A number of varieties can be found like the frames could vary in thickness, the edges could be straight or curved, or the panels could be flat or hollow.


This is the most interesting part of the replacement. You get a lot of scope for experimentation here. It is like putting up some accessories on the cabinet.
A sleek piece of hardware in the form of a knob or handle can give an elegant look to your cabinets.
Ceramic knobs or chrome knobs will make your old cabinet look stylish. It is not necessary that you have to use only one type of hardware for all the cabinets. You can mix and match with the varieties available.
Apart from being less expensive, there are other advantages of replacement of kitchen cabinet doors too. This job can be done in a much lesser amount of time. If you replace the cabinets, then you have to shift all the materials kept in them somewhere else, temporarily. Replacement of just doors does not require any such hassles. So, the choice is yours!