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Removable Wallpaper

Sonia Nair Dec 13, 2018
Removable wallpaper is one of the latest entrants in wall decor domain. Let us take a look at the various aspects of this product, which is claimed to be the most convenient type.
Wallpapers are widely used to cover or decorate interior walls. Like any other product, wallpaper too has its own advantages and disadvantages. When compared to paint, wallpaper is considered long-lasting.
However, painting walls is not a difficult task, as compared to application and removal of wallpapers. Even though the advanced methods of wallpaper application and removal have eliminated most of the difficulties associated with this product, they are still considered tedious.
However, the manufacturers have come up with an innovative product, called removable wallpaper, which is claimed to be hassle-free.

Unique Features

As the name rightly suggests, the main feature of this product is that, it is easily removable. While the conventional wallpaper needs steaming, soaking, or wallpaper removal products, for removal; you can peel off the removable wallpaper easily, without damaging the wall.
Apart from that, these wallpapers are also easy to install. You don't have to go through the usual hassles of preparing the walls for wallpaper installation. All you have to do is to clean the painted walls, before sticking the wallpaper.
In case of removable wallpaper, glue is not needed for sticking. You have to wet the wallpaper, and stick it to the wall. If you find creases after sticking; remove the entire wallpaper and smooth the creases, before reinstalling it.
According to the manufacturers, this wallpaper is breathable. So moisture is not trapped inside, and this prevents mold and mildew problems. It is also claimed that such wallpapers do not tear during removal, and they can be reused. In short, this product is easy to install and remove, and is reusable.


Removable wallpaper is useful for tenants, who are mostly not allowed to paint or stick wallpapers of their choice, in the rented house. These can be a boon for such tenants. These wallpapers can also be used for decorating the house, during certain occasions.
For example, it can used on the wall, as a background for a stage setting. This product is also used as a substitute for dry erase boards. In that case, this wallpaper provides more writing space, than a dry erase board, which has to be mounted on the wall. They are also ideal for those, who want to change wallpaper more frequently.
In short, removable wallpaper is claimed to be the most convenient type with many advantages. However, it is better to understand its features and pros and cons, before purchasing this type of wallpaper.