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Remodeling Mobile Homes

Puja Lalwani May 13, 2019
Like all other types of residences mobile homes too need to be renovated or refurbished due to wear and tear. Take a look at these ideas for remodeling mobile homes, to give yourself a new and improved living space.
Living in mobile homes gives you the ability to create a completely unique and personal space as opposed to larger homes divided by walls and into rooms. This is a great option for those who find it convenient to live in smaller spaces. However, living in these homes for long periods calls for a regular process of remodeling, just like a regular household.
While remodeling, you must have an idea about what you wish your place to look like. If you are unsure about it you can take a look around, in magazines and on the Internet, to find something you like, and that suits your style.
Take a look around, and check what actually requires repair and remodeling. Make an extensive list so you can have an organized plan at hand. For instance, the floors may require repair and replacement, while the walls may need to be remodeled. Make up your list accordingly.


  • In the process of remodeling the walls, consider drywall as an option in order to maintain it easily. It can also be easily painted over.
  • The repair material may be available at a regular hardware store, while for some particular material you may have to visit a hardware store specifically for mobile homes.
  • Remove the previous drywall paneling, to replace it with a new one. Attach each piece of drywall with nails that are placed 24 inches apart for sturdiness. You may use trim to hide the intersections of the drywall.
  • The walls can now either be painted over, or covered with wallpaper. The variety available is now making waves in the world of interior design. Why not use them to jazz up your residence too?
  • A tip for choosing the right color is that it should make the space look bright, and spacious. As such, choosing a light color, particularly for the walls is advisable. If you opt for a wallpaper, choose one with smaller prints rather than large prints to achieve the effect of spaciousness.
  • One last tip: Get rid of internal walls to allow free movement and increased space. If you are comfortable with combined spaces, this is a wonderful way to create a roomy ambiance in your home.


The ceilings are usually flat, and tend to start rotting over time due to water collection. Repairing and remodeling the ceiling, then becomes a priority.
However, this is something that should be done by a professional, rather than oneself, if there is growth of mold and other formations on the roof. Again, applying a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling can do wonders, as is the case with the walls.


Flooring is another important element that contributes to the overall appearance of your mobile home. It, therefore, should not be ignored. While floor repair and maintenance is essential, aesthetics in this area matter too. You may choose a carpet as a floor covering.
However, do remember that carpets requires more maintenance than other types of flooring such as wooden flooring. Install flooring that is easy to maintain, clean, and also one that enhances the appearance of the home. Tile flooring should be avoided as an option as while relocating, a tile floor may crack and require replacement yet again.

Finishing Touches

The final touches include replacing the blinds, fixtures, faucets, and hinges, as per the current trends, and all such small things that come together as the finishing touch. These are available in a variety of finishes and designs, and you can choose those that complement the style you have chosen.
Replace blinds with curtains, that are available in several colors and patterns that suit your style. The cherry on the icing would be to add small knick-knacks around the house, as you would do while remodeling a regular house to give it a personal touch.
With these tips and tricks on remodeling mobile homes, you can give yourself a new, improved, unique and completely personalized home. It is not as difficult as it may seem, and in fact will give you a sense of satisfaction that you may seldom have sensed before.