Overview of PVC Furniture

Mamta Mule Jan 5, 2019
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PVC furniture is becoming quite popular as an alternative to regular outdoor furnishings. PVC pipes are durable, as well as water- and corrosion-resistant that can be made into sturdy frames for furniture pieces.
Polyvinyl chloride pipes are known for their quality, lightweight, and sturdy features and widely used in residential and commercial plumbing projects. These pipes which are mostly used for piping projects can be used in making furniture, too. PVC piping can be turned into really amazing pieces for outdoor furniture.
While the pipes alone can't form the entire piece, they are used to make the basic frame. Here's more information about PVC pipes being used to make furnishings.

The Basics

Before you start browsing through various ideas, it is essential to know more about the material. There is a variety of pipes available, but the thin ones with a diameter of an inch are commonly used. Moreover, these pipes are rated as 'furniture quality' and have greater strength and stability. This makes them ideal as frames for beds and relaxing chairs.
The fittings are the most important elements when making the entire structure. Straight and curved two-way pipes, including elbow, three-way elbow, and four-way fittings make up an entire piece of furniture. The diameter of the pipe must be considered while buying these fittings.
While the pipes are basically available in white, you can ask the manufacturer for colored pieces, as well. Other colors that are available include gray, green, and black, with even transparent styles in the market. You can opt for a white piece and later choose to get them painted according to your choice.
Remember that PVC makes a great base, as it does not chip or peel like metal frames. Moreover, you can use materials like leather, cotton, or plastic to form the main portion of the piece once its frame is ready.

Best Furniture Pieces

The pipes are used mostly for making outdoor furniture. Almost all types of furniture can be made using these. Patio chairs are amongst the most popular, with tables and chairs made out of PVC.
You can opt for a plastic or wooden tabletop and add thick cushions to the base and back of the chairs. You can also have classy recliner chairs and lounge chairs.
Bar stools, bar tables, and garden benches can all be made using these pipes. They are also used in outdoor shades like garden canopies, as well. Paint them with any color of your choice and add cushioning.
There are many furniture manufacturers who take orders for PVC projects. You can have a look at the various options and then decide which items you want to order for. Choose the best designs online or from store-bought catalogs and get ready to give your outdoors a new look.
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