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Problems with Vertical Blinds

Problems with Vertical Blinds
Vertical window blinds are the best covering option for places that require the doors to be always open, such as offices and business places. But there are times when the best solutions come with limitations, and the vertical blinds are no exception to this.
Rutuja Jathar
Vertical blinds are a best fit for business places which require low temperature; they help in maintaining the room temperature and keeping insects from entering the room. They have always been the traditional choice for large windows and patio doors. There is a huge variety in their materials, making, and texture, and they are very popular too.
Installing window blinds is actually an easy job if the person is well aware of their pros and cons. Placement is the first and foremost thing to consider, because that is the main cause of problems with vertical blinds.
In Case of French Windows: Vertical blinds when installed on French windows can create a bit of a problem. The handle of the window gets stuck to the vertical blind machine. You can avoid this by placing something in between, which will avoid the interference of the door handle with your vertical blind. A cheap vertical blind head rail will do just fine.
In Case of Bay Windows: Nothing can compare to the pleasure of living in an old-fashioned, Victorian-style house, but the bay windows can prove to be troublesome. This is due to the fact that bay windows are never of the same size, and vertical blinds don't really fit them. One has to have them customized in appropriate sizes as per the requirement. This requires extra expense.
In Case of Skylight Windows: These are a common feature in modern-day homes. Since these windows are set in the roof, it is difficult to cover them with manual blinds. So, in case of skylight windows blinds, you may have to go for the motorized ones which are a bit expensive.
In Case of Bathroom Windows: These too are problematic for placement of vertical blinds. As bathrooms are moist and humid, the blinds tend to get mildewed. They could become translucent after getting wet and hence, reduce the level of privacy. This also affects the texture of the blinds; they break into pieces. Hence, it is best to find a better option when it comes to bathroom blinds.
In Case of Archways: These are built above the front door of the house to provide a unique look to it. People tend to decorate this place with many queer shapes where the blinds cannot fit easily. Customizing the blinds to fit in such places can really expand your budget, so using other covering options is the best way out.
Apart from the location suitability, maintenance of vertical blinds is the main concern. Most of the time, they get damaged during the installation process. Hence, it is best suggested that one should get them installed by professionals.
  • Cleaning vertical blinds can create a bit of a problem as the slates are connected to each other with hooks. They must be cleaned carefully after referring to the user's guide. The easiest way to clean them is to use warm water and a mild detergent.
  • Sometimes, they become unbalanced forming odd angles. For such problems, just remove the blinds from their place, put a rod around the tilts, and try to straighten out the pull strings around a flywheel. Repeat this procedure until they return to their normal state. If this straightening process fails, then you have no other option than to reinstall the head rails.
  • Resizing and restyling the blinds is also necessary when you are shifting the place, or if the pets fray the ends.
Timely care and replacement is the prime factor that can avoid many of these problems. All in all, the slates are the most tender part that must be looked after.
Vertical blinds are a classic option to cover your windows. Installing them at the above-mentioned places needs a bit of special attention. Nonetheless, the problems are very less as compared to their utility. They are still considered to be one of the best window treatment choices.
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