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Powder Room Ideas

Powder Room Ideas

Wondering how to renovate and decorate your powder room? Look no further. This article has some innovative ideas, which are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests and visitors.
DecorDezine Staff
Usually the smallest room in your house, the powder room is mostly ignored. However, it can prove to be the most interesting room to renovate. A powder room consists of a sink and a toilet, and is called a guest bathroom or "half-bath". In the early nineteenth century, people didn't like guests to enter their private space to use a bathroom. So, they found it convenient to have a small bathroom somewhere in the outer parts of the house, which the guests could use to freshen up and groom themselves. This small bathroom, meant for non-overnight guests, eventually came to be known as the powder room. Having a well-designed powder room will make your guests appreciate your fine taste and creativity. You can incorporate a few of these creative decorating ideas, to give a fresh feel to your guest bathroom.

Powder Room Decoration Ideas

Before you start with the actual beautification, it is important to decide what theme or color-scheme will best suit your powder room. This depends on the space available, the style of your house and whether or not the room has windows. Since it's a room that is not used more often, you can focus more on elaborate fixtures and fittings to add that touch of elegance. So, whether you are looking for vintage or contemporary ideas, these innovative decorating ideas are sure to help you.

This is the most important aspect of any room. Bold and vibrant colors brighten up your room and add an element of surprise. However, you can choose any color according to your personal taste and the kind of feel you would want for your powder room. You can even opt for mural wallpapers in floral designs, for your walls. Don't restrict yourself. It's your house, so let your imagination run wild. However, there are some basics that you could follow, when it comes to color. For example, warm colors such as red, orange and yellow, make you feel energetic, while cool colors such as green, blue and lilac have a soothing effect on you. If you want a vintage look, you can paint the walls in neutral colors like white, ivory or beige. Go for cool, light colors if you have a small space and wish to make it appear larger.

Select a tile color that complements the color on the walls. For example, if your powder room has blue walls, you could opt for orange tiles. Similarly, you could also have lilac tiles with white walls. There are many options in flooring ideas for bathrooms and half-baths. The basic idea is to use colors that go well together. You could also select tiles of different sizes and materials.

Since your powder room is smaller than your main bathroom, it is wise to choose a sink that is small, yet adds to the wow factor. Small vessel sinks are the latest trend. You can choose one in stone, porcelain, glass or metal. It is a small sink placed atop the counter-top, like a vessel. It adds a touch of sophistication to the room. You may even opt for wall-mount sinks.

The faucet is elementary, as it defines the style of the powder room. Faucets come in different designs and varieties. There are faucets with two knobs, levers, handles, etc. Make sure your faucet fits into the sink you buy. A faucet can even add a touch of sparkle to your powder room.

Nowadays, toilets in unique designs are up for grabs. So, indulge your creativity and select one that blends with the theme of your powder room. Choose a toilet with a wall-mount flush tank. You can also look for one with a water-efficiency feature built in, which helps conserve water.

Base Cabinet
A base cabinet is where you store the basic necessities like room spray, an extra roll of toilet paper, a bottle of hand-wash, etc. The top surface of the vanity or base cabinet, is the counter-top. A wooden base cabinet, with a vessel sink placed on the counter-top, is one of the latest trends. You can also opt for a base cabinet that looks like an ordinary cabinet.

The mirror would serve as the highlight of your powder room. Since you want a well-designed guest bathroom, a plain, boring mirror simply won't do. Mirrors have the potential to create the illusion of a bigger room. So, choose a mirror that goes well with the theme and adds a dramatic effect. But, make sure that it easily fits into the space allotted to it.

Today, the ways to experiment with lights, are endless. It all depends on which particular space in your powder room you want to highlight. For example, if you want to highlight the beautiful glass sink that you have, you can place soft lights underneath the sink, to add a surreal glow. Similarly, you can be innovative with the mirror lights. Instead of the common sconces, you can opt for lights that hang from the ceiling, for a striking effect. A light attachment that forms beautiful patterns on the walls, is also a great idea for vintage themes.

Once you are done with the basic components of your powder room design, you can add some accessories. These serve as the icing on the cake. For starters, you can place a bottle of essential oils, to add some natural fragrance to the room. You can add towel holders, lotions and soft towels to add to the comfort of your guests. You can even place your favorite painting on a wall and use lights to add a touch of glow.

Thus, you can see that there are as many ways to decorate your powder room as you can imagine. So, go ahead, put your interior designing skills to good use, and create a gem of a powder room!