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Portable Room Dividers

Portable Room Dividers
Room dividers are a great solution for demarcating different living areas when you have an open floor layout. Room dividers are available in a lot of varieties, but the most versatile of all are portable room dividers. Here we will discuss how portable room dividers can transform any space and make it more functional...
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2019
Many homeowners who have an open plan living space struggle to clearly define their living spaces. Since making permanent divisions in the layout of the room in the form of walls is not possible, the best solution for this would be to install room dividers. Room dividers or screens are used for sectioning off rooms to create two different living spaces.
There are many varieties of room dividers available, from sliding room dividers to bookcase room dividers. While these type of room dividers are no doubt elegant and provide visual accent to a room's décor, both sliding room dividers and bookcase room dividers are permanent fixtures and they cannot be moved from one location to another.
For homeowners who are restrained by small spaces and who need to move the room divider from one place to another, such permanent room dividers do not work. So, the best option would be to invest in a portable room divider.
These room dividers are available in different materials to suit your décor style, and the best thing about them is that they are so incredibly versatile. Portable screens are made from light weight materials so that it is easy to pick them up and use them in different areas of the house.
If you thought that they could be used only for sectioning off a room, you couldn't be more wrong. These room dividers or screens can be used in many different ways. Here we will discuss the different types of portable room dividers and how they can be used to transform a room and give it more flair and appeal.
Types of Portable Room Dividers
Portable Room Divider with Panels
Folding screen furniture
This is one of the most popular type of room dividers that is available in the market. It consists of three to six panels that are hinged on the edges which can be folded. 
These panels are usually covered with light weight canvas fabric or paper panels which have beautiful designs on them. Wooden room dividers are also quite popular and you can find them in intricate designs or with lattice work.
Portable Bamboo Room Divider
Bamboo wall partition
Bamboo room dividers are a stylish and attractive option for portable room dividers and are most sought after by discerning homeowners. These attractive room dividers are lightweight, durable and go well with modern décor.
Portable Metallic Room Divider
Japanese wooden slide door
Metallic room dividers made of light weight wrought iron is another option for homeowners.
These type of room dividers look great in a dining area or on the porch. Modern as well as rustic designs are available in such room dividers, and you are sure to find a style that matches the décor of your home.
How to Use Portable Room Dividers
As mentioned earlier, room dividers are not just for separating different areas but can also be used in many different ways to make your home more attractive and stylish. Here are some of the ways in which you can use room dividers in your home.
To Divide a Room
The most obvious way to use a room divider is for sectioning off a large room. Use a portable room divider to create a home office in living room or for sectioning off the kitchen from the dining. Since privacy is not an issue, use room dividers that are installed with sheer fabric panels. These will allow light to filter in and give the room a chic look.
To Camouflage Clutter
Perhaps one of the most functional use of a portable room divider is to conceal clutter. Imagine you have unexpected guest dropping in or have to entertain friends at short notice, and your house is less than perfect.
Just collect all the clutter in one corner of the room and place a decorative room divider to camouflage it. Choose a portable room divider that is made with opaque material like bamboo or fabric to hide clutter.
To Give a Visual Accent to a Room
One of the best way to use a portable room divider is to use it as a visual accent or focal point in a room. Choose decorative room dividers that has subtle curved designs or dramatic design elements like vines and leaves made in metal and wood. Room dividers with mirror inserts are also a great way to add accent to a room.
As you can see portable room dividers can be used for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Choose a room divider that best matches the décor of your room for a cohesive and attractive look.