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Porcelain Tiles That Look Like Wood

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Nov 8, 2018
Porcelain tile is sturdy, rugged and long lasting. The only downside is that it does not look as classy as hardwood flooring. So, manufacturers have come up with a mix of both which is porcelain tiles that look like wood. Read on to know more about the same.
The incomparable elegance and beauty of hardwood flooring enamors many homeowners. It gives a very rich and aristocratic look to any home. However, installing them is a pricey affair, which is why many homeowners shy away from them. Besides, maintaining and keeping them in great condition is an added job for homeowners, which not many are willing to take.
However, if you wish you could still have the beauty of hardwood floor minus all the maintenance work, your wish has come true in the form of porcelain tile flooring that looks exactly like wood.

Colors and Patterns

Porcelain or vitrified tile is a specially engineered tile which possess many desirable properties. It is scratchproof and resistant to stains. It has very low moisture absorbing capacity. Besides, it can be cleaned with any ordinary cleaning solution, that too within seconds. All these properties make it a favorite flooring option among homeowners.
Besides that, it is available in multitudinous colors and patterns as well. Of these patterns, porcelain tile that emulates wood is currently very popular, as it helps you replicate the look of hardwood flooring.
These tiles are available in patterns of wedge, oak, bleach, and natural maple. Narrow planks in lighter stains look absolutely fantastic in any home.
If you wish to go for a farmhouse or country home look, then go for wider planks in deeper stains. Any interior look can be replicated with the help of these tiles. 
A worn out look can also be accomplished using color washed tiles. Blue, beige, green, and white are some color stains used for recreating a painted wood look.
You can also find a mind-boggling variety of wood grains in porcelain tiles. You can lay tiles of similar grains to create a uniform seamless look, or you may combine diverse grains to create a more authentic look of wooden flooring.
Wood naturally shows a lot of variation in its grains. Hence, combining porcelain tiles with variable grains is a great way to create the same magic of wood tiles.
One can also create an illusion of parquet floor tiles by using thinner planks of porcelain tiles. Also, choose different stains in the same color spectrum for a more original look.
Apart from these, you can combine them in numerous other ways to get the desired look. Simple flooring patterns in standard sized tiles in your favorite wood stain is the simplest way of achieving the effortless beauty of hardwood floors.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Those who have hardwood flooring in their homes must be aware of the numerous maintenance issues with this flooring type. Hardwood floors get stained very easily, and maintaining them is a big headache. Besides, they also scratch very easily.
Porcelain tile flooring, on the other hand, is very light on maintenance. A simple soap solution can effectively remove all types of stains from porcelain. Besides they are virtually scratchproof, hence, you do not have to bother about small kids or pets scratching your floors.
Sweeping, vacuuming, and damp mopping is all you need to keep your floor gleaming. However, cleaning such tiles with abrasive cleaning agents, like acids is not recommended.
If you have always wanted your home to have hardwood flooring, but lack the budget to do so, then these tiles are the perfect option for you.