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Popular Bathroom Colors

Pragya T Jan 2, 2019
Whites, yellows, and blues are the most popular bathroom colors. Let us look at the various ways in which you can create a beautiful and interesting bathroom using these colors.
Yes, whites, yellows and blues are the choices to pick from when it comes to bathroom colors. However, it depends upon which color you like and what kind of bathroom you have. And it is not always necessary to stick to plain bathrooms.
A little hint of some bold color here and there can make your bathroom look attractive. The reason why shades of blue are popular is because blue is a cool color. Yellow does evoke a feeling of warmth, but, when a neutral shade of yellow is used, it can look appealing yet relaxing. Hence, choosing colors for bathrooms is challenging.
When choosing colors for your bathroom, remember some basics. Pick a shade and color that suits the size of your bathroom. For small bathrooms, stick to white as it makes the space look bigger. For large bathrooms you are free to use bold shades like black and red, don't overuse them though.
Actually, many modern, medium or large size bathrooms look elegant with black. Remember to have enough light in the room. This is important because, when you see yourself in the mirror, you should look what you are! You should be able to see yourself clearly. So, avoid shades that dampen the brightness of incoming light and make your face look pale or sick.
Consider having a light fixture near the mirror and choose a color that will reflect light. One more thing you need to remember is that a total white bathroom can look sterile. This should be avoided, hence add some color using unique-colored accessories. Use colored tiles or paint designs on the walls.


White is the ideal bathroom color. There is so much you can do with white. Any shade goes great with white, so you don't have to think too much on selecting accessories. Also, it is ideal for small bathrooms, as it tends to reflect maximum amount of light.
While selecting white for your bathroom, don't make it look pale. Add complementary colors to make the room look attractive. You can use glimmering white tiles for the floor or add a few colored tiles. Add orange or other cheerful shades to jazz up you decor a little.
If you have a white bathroom, you can also consider painting an elegant design around the corners of the walls. Buy accessories like matching towels, hand napkins, or rugs that complement the color of the walls.


Yellow is another classic color when it comes to a bathroom. With yellow you can create a homely-looking and appealing bathroom. However, select a good shade of yellow.
For children's bathroom select a bright sunshine yellow. For an adult's bathroom a shade like beige should look good. However, don't make the bathroom uninteresting with plain walls. Consider putting up a painting on the wall or draw a design on the wall yourself. Add some houseplants, and place candles to add to the ambiance of your bathroom.


Blue is another classic bathroom color. Monochromatic themes do look good. Earlier, light shades of blue were used. Today, even turquoise and lavender blue are used. So, consider using these shades this year to make your bathroom look great.
You can paint the walls in this color and to make it look different, consider painting one wall in stripes of blue and white, or add checkered blue and white tiles in the bathroom. In the blue bathroom, keep the tub, toilet and sink of white color; the two colors go well with each other.
Consider adding some patterned shower curtains and organdy curtains for the windows. If you want more light, place a white light decorative fixture on top of the mirror. Blue and white is a popular bathroom color combination!


Black looks like an unusual bathroom color, but trust me, black can look great. Black gives a classy look to your bathroom. If you don't have a small bathroom, then only consider with black. Go with a light gray floor and walls which are darker gray.
If possible, go with jet black-colored countertops. Then to give a contrast go with white basics like the tub, toilet and sink. You may feel tempted to add reds or greens in the bathroom, but be careful when trying out such bold color schemes as you may end up with a gaudy-looking space.
If you absolutely want dark shades in your bathroom, go for accessories in these colors. For a more 'bold' look, paint the ceiling in dark colors. Make it bold, yet unique!
So, here's wishing you luck with your bathroom color selection. One last piece of advice; don't go with plain-painted walls of the same shade. Choose the shades wisely and add some color accents to make the bathroom space look appealing and relaxing.