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Popcorn Ceiling Alternatives

Popcorn Ceiling Alternatives
Popcorn ceiling were once popular. But, today people are trying to get rid of the ceiling or trying to cover it up with another ceiling. There are many popcorn ceiling alternatives. Let us look at each in detail.
Pragya T
Popcorn ceilings were very popular during the 1970s. Almost, everybody wanted this kind of ceiling for their houses. Popcorn ceiling were especially used in bedrooms. This is because they provided certain acoustic qualities. This helped prevent noise from entering the bedrooms. Hence, popcorn ceilings became popular for apartment bedrooms. The once popular popcorn ceilings, today have become undesirable. This is because they contain asbestos. Fibers of asbestos when released in the air can cause cancer. This cancer is called mesothelioma or simply asbestos cancer.
Due to popcorn ceiling being carcinogenic, during the middle of 70s EPA, which is Environment Protection Agency and OSHA which is Occupational Safety and Health Administration placed some regulations regarding the use of asbestos. As the awareness regarding popcorn ceiling hazards increased among people, these ceiling become undesirable and less used. Though, till today there are many old houses which retain popcorn ceiling.
Many homeowners are trying to remove popcorn ceiling or trying to cover up the popcorn ceiling with something which is more suitable and trendy. There are many popcorn ceiling alternatives, which include covering up the ceiling, or removing the popcorn ceiling to install a new one.
Alternatives to Popcorn Ceiling
Covering Popcorn Ceiling
Instead of removing the popcorn ceiling you can cover it up. There are many alternatives to covering a popcorn ceiling. The most inexpensive one is to paint it. You can choose white or any color of your choice. You can go with standard interior latex house paint. Use a low pressure paint sprayer for application of the paint or go with a thick roller. Make sure while painting, you apply smooth and gentle strokes to avoid breaking of the tiles.
Another alternative to popcorn ceiling is ceiling tiles. Ceiling tiles come in elaborate and simple designs. Or you can go with plain colored or white ones too. You can also consider covering up the ceiling with wood. You can go with beadboard for a traditional look, or go with affordable laminate wood planks. Wooden ceiling will give a cozy look to the room. Another option is fabric. You can simply install a fabric to the ceiling by attaching it to hooks. Create a swag or bundled fabric look using large fabric.
One of the most popular way to cover up popcorn ceiling today is drywall. Drywall has many benefits, and apart from covering up the ceiling, it will also prevent noise from entering. To install drywall you can call a professional or do it yourself. For this, you will need to install drywall panels against the popcorn ceiling and fasten the panels with screws.
Removing Popcorn Ceiling
Another good alternative to popcorn ceiling is to completely remove the popcorn ceiling. However, this can cost you quite some amount. But, this is the safest alternative too. Make sure you call professionals to get rid of the asbestos containing popcorn ceiling. Once the popcorn ceiling is completely removed, you have many options. You can go with various textured ceiling looks. You can try out various cool DIY textures on the ceiling. With some paints, primer and glaze you can make beautiful looking textures on the ceiling wall. You can use sponge, comb, trowel or other materials to make textured ceiling.
If your popcorn ceiling is in good shape, then let it be. This is the best and the most inexpensive way. However, if the popcorn ceiling is not in good shape, or you have some health issues, or for aesthetic reasons you can consider going with any of the above mentioned popcorn ceiling alternative.