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Pool Table Lights Designs

Rimlee Bhuyan Jan 2, 2019
Installing proper table lighting is essential if you want to play a good game of pool. Read on to know more about the same, as well as some ideas on how to best utilize this accessory...
If you have installed a new pool table in your living room or basement, you must be wondering about the types of lights that you can install and the designs of the same. The lighting must be correct if you want to play undisturbed.
It should properly illuminate the entire surface of the table, and should not be overly bright and glaring. Illumination by these lights should be such that it not only lights up the table, but also creates the perfect ambiance for the game. The lighting system that you install will depend on the dimensions of the game table as well as the room.


There are many designs that you can purchase from home improvement stores. Usually such lights are installed directly over the table, so that they illuminate the entire surface. This is the ideal location for installing such lights, as it eliminates the formation of shadows.
Tiffany glass light fixtures are a bit on the expensive side, however, they are great for creating the right ambiance for your recreation room. You can also choose three-shade or four-shade lights.
Three-shade lights consist of three shades that are mounted on a long bar. This type is very popular in modern homes. They are available in a wide variety of designs and styles to suit your home decor and budget.
Another popular and trendy light fixture is the single pendant light. Pendant lights are also available in many designs and styles, and the most suitable one for lighting a pool table is the oblong-shaped pendant light. It can be made in frosted glass or stained glass to give a beautiful look as well as enhanced lighting for your pool table.
Installing such pendant lights is not too difficult, and you can do it yourself. You can also choose extra lighting for your pool table in addition to the overhanging lights. Choosing a few antique table lamps, wall scones, and floor lamps can give the room a very elegant look.
If you are having trouble finding the right lighting system for your recreation room, then you can order customized ones. This will allow you to incorporate your own designs and you can have a unique lighting system for your pool table.
One very important thing to consider while installing pool table lights is that they should be installed at the right height. Since most fixtures are suspended from the ceiling, the height can be adjusted. If you install the lights too low, it will not be able to illuminate the corners of the table.
On the other hand, if the lights are installed too high, it will lead to excessive glare, and unwanted shadows. This will not only hamper your game but you will also lose the ambiance of the room.
Pool table lights do not come cheap, but you can still get them without blowing a fortune in annual sales of home improvement and lighting stores. If you are creatively inclined, you can make your own lights for your pool table.
However, keep the dimensions of the table and specifications of the lights in mind before designing one. Never scrimp on the quality of lighting and light fixtures. The right lighting system will help you enjoy your game.