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Priya Johnson Dec 16, 2018
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There are scores of playroom ideas available for customizing a kid's playroom. The playroom needs to be designed in such a way that it not only provides a safe playing environment for your kids, but also enhances their creativity. Read on to know more.
A child's playroom is the place where the little one spends most of his or her time playing with siblings, friends or alone. One does not need a spare room to convert it into a playroom. Scores of people do up their basements or attics to form wonderful playrooms for their kids.
The whole idea of creating a playroom is to stimulate the child's thought process and enhance his or her creativity. Moreover, children's playrooms are great rostrums for adults to unleash their creativity as well.
You can have an interior designer design your kid's playroom. However, it's not that difficult to design one yourself. It only requires some creativity and lots of eagerness and determination, to bring the plan to fulfillment.

Kids' Playroom Ideas

There are a few areas in a kid's bedroom that need to be paid special attention to, which will enhance the overall look of the room. Areas like flooring, walls, furniture, etc. need to be focused upon. Let's have a look at how we can transform a simple room into a child's creative parlor!

Playroom Flooring

When choosing the flooring for the playroom, it is better to buy foam or rubber flooring. This kind of flooring is waterproof, easy to clean, shock absorbent, and durable.
The cushioned foam flooring will break the impact of your child's fall and will act as a protective surface.
Rubber mats are also a great option, since kids can roll over its surface or sit on the floor while indulging in a craft session. Carpet tiles are another option that one can look into. If the room is already carpeted, then don't bother to buy new carpeting.
The kids will anyway drop paint, juice and all kinds of stuff on it. Just clean it up using a trusted carpet shampoo. If you have enough money to spare, then go ahead and buy a new carpet once every year, if need be.

Playroom Wall Ideas

The wall color of playroom makes all the difference. Dull colors can give a boring look, while pleasant colors make it more appealing. Choose bright and fresh colors like sky blue, pink, orange, lemon yellow, etc.
Use more than one color, as this will increase its visual beauty. Bright colors will enhance your child's creativity and cognitive thinking. However, since this is your child's room, it's better you consult them regarding the choice of color, if they're old enough to decide. You don't want them sulking because you picked the wrong color.
You can also paint lovely pictures of your child's favorite cartoon character, or flowers, season, hobby, etc. Depending on your child's interest, you can transform the room into a world of its own.
One good option for walls is vinyl wall art. Vinyl wall art coverings are available in all kinds of designs and colors. The best part about this option, is that it can be easily removed from walls without causing any damage to the underlying paint.
The advantage of choosing vinyl art coverings over paint is that it can be easily replaced. Children grow and their interests change, however, repainting the walls every year is not possible. It's easier to change the vinyl covering.
Moreover, you can place lovely large soft boards or corkboards, or chalkboards, including inbuilt bookshelves on the walls. This gives the wall a more interactive and appealing look.

Playroom Furniture Ideas

Your child will need a small table and two or three small chairs (according to your child's size) for him to play and work on.
You can also keep a small couch in the corner, and call it the 'reading corner', where your child can sit and read his or her favorite storybooks.
A rocking chair would also be good. Bookshelves are also important components of a playroom. Make sure the table's height is approximately the height of your child, or else they may find it difficult to take or return books from/to the shelf.
Having a dress-up station is also a good idea, because kids love enacting. Get a small table with drawers and an attached mirror. Keep a stock of fun costumes of fairies, firemen, doctors, etc. for them to dress into.
A kid's playroom requires a lot of storage facilities. Right from clothes and toys, to books and crafts, everything needs to be stored away neatly. You don't need to fret if the room is small in size.
Incorporating creative storage ideas will help you in such cases. A large variety of storage furniture is available for kids' rooms. There are storage chests, that look like benches, but have storage space inside.
Then you have tray organizers, hanging baskets, pegs and hooks on the walls, a closet under the staircase, etc. The type of storage arrangement will depend on the layout and size of the room

Playroom Decorating Ideas and Themes

There is no limit to what you can do with your child's playroom and the theme you choose. You can come up with any theme you like and breathe life into the playroom. To understand how to go about a theme, consider the 'Mickey Mouse theme'. On the walls you can either have Mickey and Minnie mouse painted, or have softboards with Mickey's/Minnie's face on it.
For the cupboard get a large Mickey-shaped one built, with the torso of Mickey opening as the closet. Books and toys can go into this. Crayons, paints and other craft items can go into the shoes of the Mickey cupboard, which will act as small containers. The face will act as another cabinet holding different items like books, toys, etc.
Have a small table built with small stools for your child to sit and do his or her craft work on. Paint the table with a Mickey tea party theme. Paint the chairs also with some scenes from Mickey cartoons.
You could also buy some Mickey puppets and hang them around the room for your child to play with. For playroom storage ideas, you can have chests built from wood, and have Mickey scenes painted on them. Your child can easily pull out and put in his or her toys as and when required.
Some other themes that can be incorporated into the playroom are:
  • Jungle theme
  • Dinosaur theme
  • Ballerina theme
  • Pirate theme
  • Cowboy theme
  • Fairy theme
  • SeaWorld theme
  • Beach theme
  • Garden theme
  • Flower theme
  • Butterfly theme
  • Celestial theme
  • Car theme
  • Train theme
  • Candy theme
  • Football theme
  • Cartoon character theme
We all know how quickly children lose interest in something, and how their focus turns to something else. It's not possible to renovate the room according to their fads, thus, it is important to not get carried away while decorating the room.Choose playroom decorating ideas that will grow with the child and not look awkward, even after some years.
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