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Wonderfully Fantastic Storage Ideas for Your Kid's Playroom

Playroom Storage Ideas
If you are fed up of falling over toys and cleaning the clutter in your child's playroom, then you need to think of storage ideas that you can use for your kid's room. Using a great idea for their playroom will ensure that you have a clean, neatly ordered room that your child loves.
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Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
Toys galore
Every time you search for storage ideas for your child's playroom, do you come across images of ugly, multicolored plastic bins that never match the decor of your child's room? Well if yes, then you need to know that you are not the only parent in the world looking for attractive and functional ideas for playroom storage. And that there are options other than those plastic bins that you can use. The best way to decide on storage ideas is to first think about the space that you have and then think of storage. You will always manage to find a corner which cannot be functional in many ways but can be great for storage space. Then match this space to the playroom idea or theme and you could have the perfect area in your hands.
Storage Ideas for a Kid's Playroom
While you can easily opt to buy storage units from furniture marts for your child's playroom, it may be a good idea to first look around the space that you have in the room to check if there are modifications that can be made to create storage space. It is important that you use all the space in your room effectively, ensuring that there is enough area in the room for your kid to play around without unnecessary clutter. It is also important to explain to your child to store their toys according to size so that they do not take up unnecessary space. Given below are some ideas that you can use for your kid's room.
Window Space Storage
If your child's playroom has big windows with a lot of light streaming in, then you can use the space around the windows as space for storage. If you are good at woodworking, then you can create shelves yourself or get your neighborhood carpenter to make shelves for you. Keep those toys that are used most often on the lower shelves and keep things that your kids hardly use on the shelves that are higher up. Paint the wall on which the shelves are attached in colorful colors and extend these colors to the shelves as well. You can also match the theme that you are using to decorate the room.
Loft Bed With Storage
If your child's bedroom doubles up as his playroom as well, then you need to create storage area in such a manner that there is enough space for your child to play around. A great idea could be to get a loft bed made for your child with some height and to use the space underneath as a walk-in storage space to store his toys and books. If you are worried about your kid locking himself inside the storage space, then opt for childproof locks. If you have a lot of space around the bed, then you can also create a small sitting area outside the storage space to give it the look of a tiny house with a sitting area.
Wall Cabinet
If you are designing your child's playroom from scratch, then a good idea that you can put to use is to create a full length wall cabinet that disappears into the wall at a casual glance. Decorate the entire wall with a huge mural, that further hides the presence of a wall cabinet. It is only to people who are aware of the existence of a cabinet, that the storage space will be visible. Let your imagination run wild with the themes that you choose to paint the cabinet with. From giant footballs, to scenes from their favorite movies, to underwater scenes, you can go absolutely crazy.
Wicker Baskets
Looking for a slightly more durable idea that is also less expensive? Then try and opt for wicker baskets for a good storage system. You can buy wicker baskets in a number of sizes and arrange them along the wall and allow your kid to dump in his toys into the basket. Color them in a variety of primary and secondary colors to make the storage area more colorful. If your child's playroom is decorated in a specific theme, then you can opt to look for designs that match the theme. For example, if the room is decorated in a Harry Potter theme, use cauldrons instead of wicker baskets.
Giant Tote Bags
If you do not have floor space to lay out wicker baskets or cauldrons, use the space on your walls. Put up hooks and make giant tote bags into which you can dump your kid's toys. Ensure that these bags match the theme of the room, or if the room is devoid of a theme, then match the color of the room. You can also choose to make these tote bags on your own and get your kid to help you while decorating the bags.
You can also designate storage space according to the theme. For example for a pirate themed room, you can create a storage cabinet that is shaped like a ship that also has an attached writing desk. The storage space that you designate for the room will also depend on how much space you have in the room and what your budget is. Choose from the storage ideas given here and give your child the playroom he has always dreamed of.
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