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Fabulously Smart Organization Ideas for Playrooms

Saptakee Sengupta Mar 14, 2019
A playroom, when well-organized, not only looks attractive but is also a safe place to play with toys. It could also be made cozy to allow your kid enjoy reading or indulge into creative activities. Here are some ideas for decorating a kid's playroom.
Toys scattered randomly on the floor and knick-knacks loitering everywhere! The toy rack is disheveled and every element present in your kid's playroom is in a state of utter mess! This is the exact picture of the playroom everyday after your kid is done with playing.
Why does this happen everyday despite you being strictly conscious about keeping your house perfectly neat and tidy? Well, you cannot blame your little one for this, because he is yet to grow a little more to become sensibly wise. Therefore, it's your responsibility to organize his playroom and keep it arranged. Maybe some ideas would help!

Playroom Organization Ideas

Training your kid to be disciplined right from a tender age will can teach him how to keep the toys at their respective places after playing, and how to take care of them in simple ways. It will take some time for him to imbibe these good manners, and therefore you have to be patient. So here are some playroom organization tips, that you can refer to.

Place a Rack/Table

You must have a rack placed is his playroom for keeping the toys properly within his reach, so that he can easily take out the toys and keep them back in the same place when he is finished. Arrange all the small toys like cars, trucks, dolls, etc., on the racks.
Carrom board, ludo, building blocks and other types of gaming boards, can be arranged vertically on a separate shelf, or you can place them on a small table.
You can purchase a fiber table along with a height adjustable stool. Instead of playing on the ground, your kid can play on the table while couching on the stool. This will prevent the toys from getting scattered on the ground. You should teach your kid to put the toys back in place after the games are over.

Keep Bins

Kids love making paper crafts and painting. In the process of doing so, they become oblivious where they are discarding the waste material. Thus, a bin is much-needed to throw the waste into. The bin should be kept near their working zone, so that it's easy for them to discard stuff.
You should also empty the bin regularly so that they are not overloaded with thrash. Drawing materials like paint brushes, crayons, water colors, sketch pens and pencils, should be placed on a separate section in the rack, to avoid getting misplaced. This way you can add a more organized look to your kid's playroom.

Interior Decoration

The playroom can be utilized for studying also. Make a reading zone separately if the space is large enough.
This could be done by installing a small wooden divider. Make it cozy so that kid enjoy the ambiance. Arrange the books in order on the racks. Decorating the playroom with cartoon posters, fairies and angels on the walls, is no doubt a brilliant idea. Add the theme to his room that he fancies the most.
Boys are mostly fond of jungle, scary and pirate themes, while girls choose a more feminine theme (garden, flowers, dolls, fairies, etc) for your little girl. Opt for bright colors for the walls to creating a vibrant atmosphere.

The Floor

The flooring should also be considered while thinking of playroom ideas. A skid proof flooring is preferred over those slippery floors. You can still make a compromise here to save money. Lay a carpet on the floor to avoid minor mishaps.
The floor could be jazzed up with glow in the dark stickers, and I'm sure your kid will find it damn attractive. Hardwood flooring is also a cheaper option, and you can clean it easily either by mopping or with a vacuum cleaner. Many contemporary designs have evolved, where the floors of kids' playrooms are stained with multiple colors.
Today, toy storage boxes are readily available at toy stores, that are useful enough for keeping the toys intact. Initially, you have to be a little observant about their activities, and gradually you will be happy to see that your kid has learned to keep his room well arranged.
However, as they grow up, their tastes would also change, and then you can consider remodeling his playroom accordingly.