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Playroom Ideas for Tweens

Fascinatingly Brilliant Playroom Ideas for Tweens

Give your kids a space where they can be themselves, read, learn new things, and enjoy moments that'll last a lifetime. If you're looking to make a playroom for the tweens in the house, read ahead for some helpful pointers.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Apr 5, 2019
Ideas for a Playroom
Teepee and Bunting Tweens Playroom
As kids grow up, faster than you can ever imagine, they tend to require more space. Not because they have extra stuff to store but they want to have their friends over for sleepovers, birthday parties, or even study.
At such times, you might want them to have a space of their own where you can keep an eye on them without letting them know. Your basement or an outdoor shed is a great place.
floral wallpaper tweens playroom
But you surely don't want their "playroom" to be a room with four boring walls, now do you? In that case, why not come up with some fun and exciting ideas so that they enjoy their personal time with friends or by themselves.
Theme of the Room
Blue White Tweens Playroom
Most important element in a playroom is the theme. Once you have the theme in mind, you can do wonders. For tweens, the theme has to reflect their personality. Guys and girls will have night and day of difference in their choices.
For Girls
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Beach House
  • English Tea Room
  • Garden w/Butterflies
  • Paris Fashion Room
For Boys
kids room
  • Harry Potter
  • Lost in Space
  • Sports Room
  • Under the Ocean
  • Video Game Room
Concepts to Choose From
green walls tweens playroom
Sit with the kids and discuss their interests. If they like a movie, music band, actor, actress; you can use those ideas to create their personal room. Thus, even they won't complain and the project will be done with sooner than expected.
Decorating the Walls
white tweens playroom
According to the theme you've selected, the walls will get the same treatment. For example, the theme of the room is Paris fashion, then think extravagant for the room. You can choose one or more colors to paint the walls.
Hang fancy mirrors on all walls so that the girls can wear their outfits and do a mini fashion show. Now on the other hand, the theme of the room is sports, then it can concentrate on football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, etc.; this again depends on what your tween is into.
If he likes soccer or basketball, then the walls can have posters of his favorite players. You can even personalize the room by writing an inspirational quote from that player.
The colors on the walls will surely depend on the tweens' choices. You can even go overboard with wall hangings or just keep the area neat and clean. A good way to involve kids here is by involving them to paint the playroom as well. This way, they can choose the colors and you won't have to go through the hassle.
For the Floors
carpet on floor
Didn't think that you could do something for the floors? Think again. There are few choices when it comes to ideas for floors - carpets, area rugs, and tile/hardwood floors.
kid playing on carpet
They are a natural selection when it comes to playrooms as they cover the entire room and will eliminate extra cleaning. But you can go beyond the boring beige carpet and match the carpet with the theme of the room or go contrast.
Area Rugs
If your tweens want more elegance and diversity, area rugs and floor mats can be used. You can place these near the bed, bookcase, bean bag, and the bathroom. You can match area rugs or do a mismatch of colors. Keep 2 or 3 rugs of same size and different colors.
Hardwood Flooring
tile floor
For this idea, all you require is hardwood or laminated floor tiles and you're all set. Choose either dark or light colors for the tiles. They are easy to clean and can match almost all colors for the walls and theme of the room.
Choosing the Furniture
cream green tweens playroom
Finally, the furniture in the room. Boy, there are so many options. You can have furniture for reading and writing area (of course, a desk with lamp), toy and book rack (stocked with their new toys and books), and a comfy couch.
Now even for the furniture of the room, we will again go back to the theme of the room. For example, the theme of the room is garden with butterflies, then the furniture in the room can reflect that. You can have a bench instead of the couch; basically we are looking for garden furniture. You can include a one-seater swing in the room as well.
On the other hand, if the theme of the room is space, then you can place a rocket-shaped bed or couch. Apart from that, you can use big, comfy pillows and arrange them in a way that it looks like a spaceship. You can even have furniture that's shaped in an unusual manner; round or oval chairs, triangular table, or egg-shaped book case.