Playroom Ideas for Toddlers

Aparna Jadhav Apr 21, 2019
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When you have a toddler in the house, you need a playroom! Here are some interesting playroom ideas for toddlers, take a look.
The age group of toddlers is considered to be the best age of childhood. This is the age when the most memories of childhood are made, when kids start walking and talking for the first time.
They sleep endlessly and make the cutest sounds and faces, do the silliest things and hold on tightly to anything in their tiny hands. They start exploring colors, sounds, tastes, and mechanisms of things around them.
There are so many things to do for a child in this age and this is what makes watching them grow so interesting! Well, to do all these things, they will definitely need a room. Therefore, designing a playroom for toddlers is a must, where your little bundle of joy can take his/her time to play.
There are various ideas which can be used to design a playroom with colors, toys, storage, furniture, and accessories. Some ideas are mentioned here, so read on and take your pick!

Wall Designing

  • The first part of decorating any playroom is to make the walls colorful, unique, and attractive. This is because toddlers are very curious about everything, especially colors and shapes.
  • So, when you are thinking about playroom paint ideas for the major part of the walls, use specific colors, shapes and themes on them, as it could be a good learning experience for the toddler. Use fresh and bright colors with distinctly bordered shapes.
  • Walls portray the maximum space in the room and when they have large drawings and shapes on them, the children are attracted to them instantly.
  • Colors: Use a range of colors on playroom walls from light shades like beige, cream, lemon yellow, olive green, baby pink, and sky blue to brighter shades such as orange, purple, wine red, dark blue, and chocolate.
  • Shapes: In case of the figures on the walls, you can paint geometric shapes, polka dots, stripes, airplanes, animals, planets and stars, and cartoons. Thus, you can fill knowledge and color in your baby's first room!


  • Another aspect in playroom designing is innovative furniture styles. Furniture for kids rooms is a very important thing as they need their cribs, changing tables, chairs (rocking chairs, recliners, couches, etc.), wardrobes, cupboards for storage, shelves and drawers.
  • Since we are designing a toddler's playroom, you can think a little out of the box and incorporate furniture with bright colors such as pink, red, orange, yellow, and blue. Usually, white or brown for cribs, wardrobes, and closets is the ideal choice, but you can use your creativity.
  • The bedding, drapes, curtains, sheets for the cribs and other cloth related accessories can be chosen to match these furniture sets. Cushions, different shaped floor pillows, and decorative poufs could also look great for the playroom.

Toys and Accessories

  • For the best things used to decorate playrooms, who can miss out on the colorful toys and accessories? They make the playroom more enjoyable and the room more attractive.
  • Depending on the gender, decide which toys to have for him/her. Along with pink and blue, colors such as yellow, orange, green, purple, chocolate brown, red, and gray are neutral shades that can be used for both baby boys and girls.
  • As toddlers love to explore music and the various sounds around them, musical toys are a must for them! You can place them in an organized manner around the playroom, if you have sections such as playing and sleeping areas in the room.
  • Stuffed animals are also great options which are not only great toys, but also decorative accessories for the playrooms. Soft toys can be placed in the cribs or around the playing area, as they won't hurt, even if the baby trips over them.
  • For other decorative accessories around the room, you can have a book case with story books and a rocking chair placed near the crib. Lamps, hanging toys, wall decorations (picture frames, posters, paintings, etc.), and other unique showpieces are also innovative for playroom ideas
With these great ideas, hope you have found some interesting tips for the same! Well, you can make your baby's room as colorful and bright as you want, because this age is surely never going to come back! So, make the most out of it!