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Marvelously Lovely Playroom Ideas for Girls

Playroom Ideas for Girls
The following information suggests some useful yet fun playroom ideas for girls. Read on to know the ways to creatively decorate a room for your girl...
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2019
Young woman playing with kids in nursery school
Playrooms should be safe and secure, they should be interesting enough to inspire creativity and at the same time, extremely functional, so that your child has an easy access to whatever she wants and you have no difficulty keeping them clean! Besides this, the room should look attractive.
As your child would be spending a major part of her day playing, studying or carrying on various kinds of activities in it, the playroom should be interesting enough to hold her interest. Scroll down for some innovative ideas, which meet all these criteria...
Newborn room interior
Paint the walls of the room in some interesting colors and designs. Pink, peach, light blue, white and all pastel shades, that look good in a girl's playroom. You can also ask your little one which is her favorite color and paint the room in exactly that color.
When it comes to designs, be as innovative as you can. You can paint clouds, stars and moon on the roof, to give the room a dreamy effect. Or you can paint a tower on one of the walls to make your little missy feel like a princess.
If your little girl is fond of something, say ice creams, you can even include such things in a creative manner in the wall designs! Geometrical designs, polka dots, horizontal and vertical stripes, you can paint any of these and create an accent wall in the playroom.
Interior of playroom for girl
It should be both functional and lend the space an excellent visual appeal. There should be enough storage for books, toys, art and craft items, jewelry, accessories, shoes and other things.
Wall mounted book shelves, storage space below seating, storage beds, wicker baskets - there are numerous ways to add storage to the room, without encroaching on the space. Then there should be a separate reading space i.e. a desk and chair where your girl can read, write and do her homework.
If the room is big enough, consider adding a recreational space as well, where she can indulge in art and craft activities or play games. The recreational space should be big enough to accommodate her friends. A table and a few chairs is all that you would need to create this fun space.
To lend color to the room and to make it appear warm, cozy and comfortable, an interesting idea is to add a couple of colorful bean bags here and there. For a girl's room, a dressing mirror is a must have so that she can experiment with different clothes and looks!
Learning Knowledge???
The playroom should be decorated with some unique looking accessories so that your girl is happy being there.
Here are some creative decoration ideas for a girl's playroom.
  • Painting an eye-catching mural on one of the walls is a good idea. You could hang a string in the room and on it display your girl's "artwork". She would love all the attention that her "creations" are getting.
  • If you have some open shelves in the room, put some colorful stuffed animals and other toys on them, as they will add to the overall look of the room.
  • Posters, wall decals, wall papers, wall hangings, you can use them in creative combination and come up with your own interesting designs.
  • If your girl loves to dance, you can even add a dance floor to the room. Hang a few string lights on top of it, from the roof, to complete the "disco" look.
  • You can have a puppet theater or a doll house in one corner or anything else your daughter is interested in. You can keep on changing these, every few months, to keep up your little one's interest.
When designing and decorating playrooms, see to it that they are extremely safe and comfortable. For instance, you could add a soft rug, if you feel that the flooring is hard. Similarly, each and every space should have proper lighting, particularly the reading space.
The curtains, bed sheets and other furnishings in the room should be in some soothing colors, which complement the paint colors, furniture as well as the overall d├ęcor of the room. With these tips in place, we are sure you will be able to create a small, innovative haven for your princess in her playroom!