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Stunning Themes And Ideas for a Boys' Playroom

Playroom Ideas for Boys
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. True enough. Which is why your son needs his playroom. Create a fun room for your son by using different ideas that will definitely increase the fun quotient of the room.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2019
If they have their own bedroom, do they really need a playroom? This can be a question many parents may ask. The fact is that segregating these spaces can make your life much easier. Not only will the rooms be cleaner but you can get your kids to share this space for playing, reading, and maybe even studying.
Also in areas where playing outdoors all yearlong is not an option, a room dedicated may be a necessity more than a luxury. If you have a son, your decor ideas will need a lot of thought and effort. We give you some ideas that you can use to create a room of their dreams.
How to Decorate Your Son's Playroom
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While choosing a decor idea for playroom, the most important thing to do is to discuss the idea with your son. While working on the theme, your first decision always needs to be regarding the colors of the walls. Choose the colors according to the theme that you are using.
Even if you are choosing a contemporary theme or a theme that you know your child will outgrow, remember to evaluate how things can be reused after a few years. Ensure that the lighting is protected and childproof. Also buy furnishings that are not only easy to clean but also resistant to scratches.
Speed Racer
Every little boy has a racer inside of him, and if your son is also a racing maniac who spends his days playing NFS and other such games, then create a playroom in this theme. Incorporate racing car stickers into your design.
Use car wall borders and racing tracks on the walls. Colors like red, yellow, and blue are all integral to the racing world, and use them in your decorating. Now let us take a look at the furniture and accessories that you can design for such a room.
Reading Area: Get a rug designed or even dyed in the checkered black and white pattern of a Formula One finish flag. Use a red bean bag for the sitting area, and use hanging lamps to illuminate the space.
Writing Area: How do you create a writing area while sticking to a race car theme? Simple, procure some tires and obtain a oval shaped plexi-glass for the table. Use the tires as your base and stick on the plexi-glass.
Toy Racks: For a toy rack, use boxes painted in different colors like red, blue, yellow and attach them to the walls. Ensure that the depths of these boxes vary. Now use nets as the covering for each box. Have a slight hole at the top of the net to allow your kids to get the toys out. Use a brightly colored ladder for boxes that are slightly out of reach.
Lost in Space
Baby Room Interior Nursery
If your son is already mesmerized by the world of stars and planets and wants to be an astronaut when he grows up, then chances are that he will jump with joy at the mention of a space-themed playroom.
The best way to give the room a feel of outer space is to make a full wall mural of the world beyond our planet complete with stars, satellites, asteroids. The ceiling can be painted black with glow-in-the-dark stars stuck on or even painted on. A few great accessories and the perfect furniture and you will feel like you are stepping into an alien world.
Reading Area: For the reading area of the room, use a round egg chair which is futuristic and embodies the look of outer space. For lighting, use a planet mobile which extends completely and uses planets as tiny lamps.
Writing Area: To create a writing space get your carpenter to design a mechanical desk which has buttons that can be pressed to reveal hidden recesses for books and stationery.
Toy Racks: For a space-like feeling use round containers of different depths and attach them to a wall in a zig-zag manner. Paint the wall black or a dull gray and paint the containers, silver.
Pirates of the Caribbean
What is that over there
If your little boy is fascinated by Jack Sparrow and all the other colorful characters from this movie franchise, then chances are that he may demand a playroom that is decorated in this theme.
With a pirate-themed playroom, there is a lot that can be done, from treasure maps as wall murals to lighthouse lamps, and even a fake talking parrot. For decorating a room in this theme, get your hands on a ship's navigating wheel, braided ropes, eye patches, and other different nautical accessories.
Telescopes used to develop the astronomer in your kid can be modified and redesigned to look like a spyglass.
Reading Area: If you are creating a reading area in the playroom, then you will need a place where your kid can comfortably sit. Use a treasure chest with storage space as your sitting area to match the theme. The storage can be used to store books or toys.
Writing Area: The space that your kid uses to sketch and draw in can have an antique table with pirate markings. You can also create a fake treasure map etched into the table for a more theme-based feel. Use barrels as the sitting space.
Toy Racks: If you can create a customized toy rack, then ask your interior designer to create a ship-shaped toy rack with the different functional areas creating storage space for the toys.
Harry Potter
Even as an adult thinking about a Harry Potter themed room can make excited. With a small boy the enthusiasm can only be doubled to have a room decorated to tell the world who your boy wizard is.
From the colors that one associates with wizardry to the different objects that have become a symbol of witchcraft. From Quidditch to the Forbidden Forest, and even the Three Broomsticks, ask your kid to choose his favorite features of the Potter world and decorate the room accordingly.
The walls of a playroom created in such a theme can have tones of gray, white, and orange. There are many ideas that you can use to create such a playroom. Here are some of these ideas.
Reading Area: For the reading area, create a cozy corner with a big, cozy, antique armchair with gold trimmings. Accentuate the area with draping in a similar color or in the color of your son's favorite house from the series.
Use the emblem of the house as a decorative piece for the walls. Have suspended lamps in the shape of candles to give an illusion of floating candles.
Writing Area: For the writing area in such a playroom, the best thing to do would be to procure or buy an antique chest of drawers with carving. This can be the perfect addition to a Harry Potter themed room.
Toy Racks: Instead of building a toy rack, buy cauldrons in different sizes and place them along one of the walls. Let your son put his toys and books into these cauldrons and dig into them when he wants.
There are many other themes that you can choose from to decorate a boy's playroom. Some of the most popular themes are given in the list below.
  • Sports
  • Westerns
  • Knights and Castles
  • Superheroes
  • Outer Space
  • Circus
  • The Underwater
  • Disney
  • Arabian Nights
  • Safari
  • Ice Age
  • Dinosaurs
  • Movies
Remember to not limit your creativity. It is also important that you pay attention to what your son wants. Ultimately he will be using the room and if he does not love every inch of the room, it is going to be a difficult task redoing the room, all over again. Take his inputs and if you cannot use them, explain to him why.
Creating a room that is colorful, cozy, and spacious is important. Playrooms are those spaces that will create indelible memories in your child's mind. Make sure that these memories are happy ones.