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Your Child's Playroom Lacks Furniture? We Have Ideas to the Rescue

Playroom Furniture Ideas
A playroom is primarily a recreational space and requires some amount of furniture to fulfill some of its functions. Here, we discuss how furniture can be incorporated in this room to make it functional.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Apr 5, 2019
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The purpose of a playroom is to have a space where a child can spend time without being reprimanded for being messy. It is a space where he/she can enjoy with friends or alone. Though it requires some vital furnishings, it is also important that it isn't too cluttered.
It is eventually meant to be an open space where your little one can play, explore, and unleash his/her creativity. Here, we discuss the type of furniture you should have in this room so that it serves a purpose and adds aesthetic appeal.
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Playroom furniture can be broadly divided into categories based on their function. For instance, it requires ample amount of storage, a desk where your child can write or study, and a space where he/she can sit and read. All this needs to be placed in a manner such that there is enough open space to play.
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You can put together a collection of your choice of accessories, or you can come up with a theme based playroom idea by placing the requisite furnishings. In these categories, the basics under each category have been covered. Take a look.
As mentioned earlier, storage is extremely important in any playroom to keep toys, books, and art and craft items. In such a case, one mere unit cannot perform this function. You must make enough space for each of these, and come up with some creative and useful storage ideas for the playroom.
Think of wall-mounted book racks instead of those kept on the floor. These will help open up the space in the room and provide more floor space. The open space can then be used to keep wicker baskets to store toys. However, ensure that the bookshelf isn't too high.
Your child should easily access these books. For toys, try out seating arrangements with storage below. These will serve a dual function and keep the room tidy. For art and craft, try to have a chest of drawers easily accessible. Avoid fancy knobs that can hurt children while playing.
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As a playroom serves so many functions, different types of seating are required for different functions. For instance, you need a writing space, a reading area, and perhaps, a set of tables and chairs where children can engage in various activities.
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Writing Desk: Try to include a multifunctional desk that will serve more than one purpose.
While the prime purpose of the desk is to sit and write on it, it can consist of drawers where all the necessary stationery can be stored. Further, the bookshelf can be right above the study area for easy accessibility.
Reading Space: An open space should be provided for kids to sit and enjoy their favorite book. All you need is a specific chair, comfortable to make the reading an enjoyable experience. It could be a bean bag, a rocking chair, or simply a rug with some cushions thrown on them. Though you must not encourage the habit of lying down and reading.
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Recreational Space: Here comes the table and some chairs where everyone can engage in activities like drawing, crafts. Not mandatory, but it is a good choice if your child is used to having friends for some fun. It can be a space where you sit with him/her to help with any activity.
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If you don't want to make the process of buying expensive, you can convert it into an art project by asking your child to help decorate the furniture and room. You could paint the book rack in a bright color. Add motifs, such as butterflies or sports equipment to the chest of drawers, and include color as brightly colored bean bag.
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Don't go overboard with color, as it gets disturbing after a point. Let it be a space where your child can be himself/herself. You can't go wrong with the ideas. These furniture ideas will help to make the perfect room for your bundle of joy.