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Platform Beds With Drawers are More Useful Than You Think

Platform Beds with Drawers
Platform beds with drawers needn't be boring and old-fashioned. They can be rather trendy and versatile along with their usefulness. Also known as cabin beds, they are usually made of wood or metal.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019
Platform beds come with a hard and flat horizontal surface that provides the needed support to the mattress. With these beds, mattresses get a firm cushioning, and do not need the routine slats, panels, mattress foundation, box springs, or other things that provide the potential support to the mattresses.
Platform Beds with Drawers
luxurious bed with drawers
Platform beds with drawers, also called platform storage beds, are beds that come with storage devices underneath them. These storage devices are generally drawers that are made of the same material as the bed.
There are various types of such beds, and the concept of beds with storage drawers gel with almost all styles. With their space-saving capacity, they have become one of the best types of contemporary furniture.
The number of the drawers varies depending on the bed. They can be from one to even twelve drawers; this unique facility makes platform beds very convenient in this era of modern furniture.
The ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui is against the use of drawers under the bed. According to Feng Shui, things must never be stored beneath the bed as it hinders the flow of healthy waves into the house.
Despite this, queen platform beds with drawers are very popular and in fashion, as they are very convenient. Such drawers can suit any part of the dwelling, especially smaller rooms that have space issues!
japanese fashion of platform beds
Platform beds come with a lot of variety, not only in the size, but also in the material used, colors, number of drawers, etc. The style is contemporary, transitional, yet traditional. Some of these have a huge Asian, more specifically, Japanese influence.
Some beds with drawers are also available with other furniture articles that are not generally attached to beds, but are complementary with these beds.
platform bed for kids
There are kids' platform beds that are very convenient for kids to store their things like toys, clothes and other stuff. There are night stands and side tables that are attached to the beds, and some even come with mattresses, that can be customized, like memory foam mattresses.
Platform beds are very affordable and pocket-friendly for a medium budget, and that makes them a lot more convenient to have in a home.
Platform beds and drawers are worth giving a try if one is searching for modern, affordable, and convenient bedroom furniture.