Plantation Style Home Decorating Ideas

Priyanka Kosta Sonkushre Apr 29, 2019
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Thinking of giving a new look to your home? If yes, then why not go for a look that makes you feel as if you and your family are on a vacation! Plantation style home decor is the one that gives a relaxed look to your home. Here are ideas to give that new look to your home.
There are a various styles of home decoration. You have plenty of choices when you are looking for a style for decorating your home. One of these is Plantation style. It is inspired by French and English colonists who had shifted to West Indies in the 17th and 18th century.
We all love vacations and this style of home decoration gives your home a relaxed, cozy and holidaying appeal. A plantation style look for your home can be easily achieved by keeping certain things in mind. Here are a few ideas that can change your home into a vacation spot.

Ideas for Plantation Style Home Decor


Color your walls using shades of the earth, sand, sea and sky. Light blue, light green, brown, beige and neutral shades like cream and white can be used for wall color. Usage of soft colors will go well with dark furniture which is characteristic to plantation style interior decoration.


Wooden flooring gives that warm and cozy look to the house. Apart from wooden floor, floor accessories like woven rugs and antique-looking carpets can be used to create a plantation look in the house.


Use plantation style stutters on your windows to give the plantation look. You can also use matchstick blinds on the windows which are a cheaper option, to give the required look. Keep in mind to match the color of the blinds with the color scheme you are following for the new look. Curtains with antique finish can also be used to style the windows.


Mere change in regular ceiling fans can help in developing a plantation style look at your home. Ceiling fans with palm paddles or rattan can be used.


A major contributor to the look of the house is the furniture. Plantation style interior decoration calls for specific type of furniture which gives that look to your house. Furniture made up of teak wood or any dark-colored wood can be used. Cane furniture is another option to give the plantation look to your home.
Do not forget to place a large-sized chair in the corner of a room. It will add on to the beauty of your home. Dark wooden four poster bed can be a good choice in beds.


Light-colored fabrics can be used for cushion covers. Fabrics like cotton and gauzy silk are good to go.


What's better than investing in a nice artwork that will enhance the look of the room? You can use vintage postcards and artwork containing trees. This will give a holiday feel to your house. Paintings of palm trees and mirrors of various shapes and sizes with silver frames can add an enchanting appeal to your house.

Flowers and Accessories

If you love placing fresh flowers in your house, orchids and lilies should be your choice. Flowers give a fresh feel to the room and create positive energy. They help in relaxing your mood and make you feel great! Use baskets and rugs to add to the plantation appeal. You can even strategically place a huge wooden basket or a wooden box to store things.
There are several other home decorating styles. It is up to you to choose the idea and decorate your home accordingly. Home decoration can be expensive. So, before you start buying things to decorate your home, list down all the items you will need for decoration.
Calculate the rough amount you will need to take out of your purse to bring about the change. This way, decorating your house will not be heavy on your pocket. After going through the plantation styles mentioned here, if you feel that plantation style of home decor is your choice, go ahead and redecorate your dream home!