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Plantation Shutter Plans

Plantation Shutter Plans
Plantation shutters make an ultimate option to deck up your windows and even the tall glass doors. No matter whether it's a regular window, bay window or a wonderful bow window, these shutters are the thing to consider in order to have the most appealing window treatment. Here are the design ideas and plans which you can consider while choosing the same.
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Window treatments play a major role in an interior decoration project. No matter how perfectly you ready the furniture pieces, dressing up windows in the right way is as much important. Windows are among the prominent elements of your interiors and hence, opting for the best window treatment to play up their looks needs no mention. While there are a plenty of options for the same, plantation shutters remain a great pick. Well, these shutters are one of the popular trends in the world of interior decoration when it comes to giving your windows a classy look. Plantation shutters are popular for their versatile design. They alone, are enough to deck up your windows and do not need any more additions. With these added to your windows or glass doors, there's no need of adding blinds, curtains or any other furnishing to the frame. Well, if you are planning to add these to the windows of your house, here are some plans and design ideas to help you have the best package installed.

Design Ideas You Can Try

Choose the Material
Wood remains the ultimate choice. Wood shutters, when installed over your windows or tall glass doors, give a touch of elegance to the space. No matter which design you opt for, wood creates the most sophisticated shutters which are best for soft and sober interior designs. Apart from wood, metal shutters are also a big hit. These are known to be a good pick when security is a concern. Metal shutters can be powder coated and well finished to blend well with your interiors. These add a touch of style along with the safety and security element to the space. Polyurethane resin is known to be a good alternative to wood and makes great looking shutters. Apart from these, window shutters that are made of solid polyvinyl are also a great choice when you are on a low-budget. These are a sort of faux wood and the final product very closely resembles wooden shutters. Decorative shutters, often made of composite material, remain ultimate choice when you are on a very low-budget. Most of the kits for the DIY enthusiasts, offer shutters of composite material which cost even lesser. But remember that these are less sturdy and durable as compared to hardwood.

Design Options to Consider
While working, choosing the material to be used for making shutters and deciding and working pattern of these shutters is the primary task. So, here are the details of designs that you can opt for. Let us start with horizontal slats of wood or any other material, which are among the basic parts and known as louvers. Louvers are fixed in panels which are further fixed in a rail over the window frame. While windows with medium height will have single panel, panels are often divided into two parts in case of tall windows or doors. Panels can be evenly divided or the lower part spans ¾th of the total length with top panel consisting of glass instead of slats. You can also have two parts of same size spanning the total height with top panel made of glass and lower consisting of louvers. Number of panels installed will depend upon the length of the window. The panels can be designed to swing and open inwards. You can also design foldable shutters in case they are added to the frame of tall glass doors. Installing the shutters for sliding glass doors is a popular idea. Well, apart from these commonly installed horizontal shutters, you can also opt for shutters that fit in the arched windows. When you look at the designs of shutters, you can find these installed over odd-shaped windows as well where installation of blinds is not possible.

When you choose from the best shutter, you also have a great scope of spicing up the look of your interior space with these. Well, this is because plantation shutters can be so chosen or finished to match well with your interior decor pieces. You can have them installed and then give them a nice finish that blends well with your home furniture, hence maintaining the uniformity factor which further gives a well-defined appearance to your interiors.