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Types of Pine Kitchen Cabinets

Types of Pine Kitchen Cabinets That'll Impart a Neat and Tidy Look

Kitchen cabinets made from pine render an organized look to any kitchen. Read the following DecorDezine article to know more.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Such cabinets are made from pine trees and the wood appears to be washed. While they can be used for various purposes, the wood is very soft and should not be subjected to harsh handling. The structure is delicate and it allows smooth and clutter-free opening of the doors. Traditional versions have a rustic appearance where the originality is retained. Quite similar to the rustic beauty, another form of design opted is the unfinished or crude model. Contemporary varieties have French designs with knots and are painted in different shades.
Knotty designs are exclusively made by texturing with wood grains that appear completely natural. The color ranges from light to dark wood. While designing, you must take the other details of your kitchen into consideration that includes the wall colors, countertop, and the overall area. You can also paint the cabinets with colors that will complement other elements.
Pine wood, when polished with glossy texture, adds a sophisticated look. Light-colored semi-glossy varnishes adds to the room's brightness. These cabinets can be cleaned by wiping with dry cloth or by mopping. You can prepare a homemade solution by adding equal cups of olive oil to white vinegar and diluting it with water. Rub this solution with a cloth to clean the cabinets from dust and stains.
Rustic forms are different versions of knotty styles in which have retained the traditional and rural feel in them. You will find them in houses located near any sea and outskirts of the city. This vintage fashion originated from the American, French, and Scandinavian cultures that followed unique patterns. However, the idea of mix matching rustic kitchen cabinets with the contemporary trend of kitchen decor is not really feasible.
If you have a medieval home decor or your house has lavish wooden furnishings, only then you can rely on the rustic style. Rustic patterns are also studded with grains of wood rendering a knotty appearance. An important element that should match up the rustic feel is the cabinet hardware. You can check out some home improvement shops for purchasing related hardware.
The unfinished type has gained popularity owing to its cheap rates and easy installation process. Usually white pines are selected for this purpose. Inspired by the early colonial trend, this type is mostly seen in houses that have extensive wood works and antique furnishing. In comparison to others, unfinished varieties come at cheap rates.
You can check out stores and online portals offer exclusive handmade pieces having detailed craftsmanship. An unfinished appearance sometimes works wonders and you can also combine with glass works for doors and knobs. Wine glass holders, racks, and other elements of a cabinet look exquisite with such designs. You can also blend with Victorian styles having intricate wood works that have been stained smoothly.
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