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Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch pleat curtains are sewed in with densely clustered pleats. Addition of extra pleats to make it look denser, is the basic characteristic feature of such type of curtains.
Saptakee Sengupta
Treatments for large windows are versatile and one of the best choice is decking up with pinch pleat curtains. The dense pleats cascading down from the window add an entirely different character to the interiors of a house. The windows and the rooms appear to be amplified virtually in terms of dimensions when adorned with pinch pleat curtains. Moreover, when hung with exquisite designs of metallic curtain rods, they appear much more defined and gorgeous. Customizing curtains and drapes for your house becomes an interesting job only if you are truly eager to beautify it according to your own choice.

How to Sew Pinch Pleat Curtains
  • Taking the correct measurement is the key factor for a perfect finish. The width of pinch curtains is usually the double of the drapery rod. This is because the pleats will be compacted, due to which more width is needed. The length is measured till the floor.
  • Now start making the curtain with the provided fabric. The process starts with making the panel for the rod. The sides of the panel are left raw since the curtain rod will pass through it. Stitch the ends after passing the rod.
  • Making the pleats is also very simple. Take a strip of fabric, fold it and then stitch the below the panel to make the pleats. Repeat the process till the end of the width. You can make each pleat of half inch.
  • Cluster three pleats together and tie a tape around them from at least 4 inches from the top of the panel. Fix three pleats together after every cluster and follow the same pattern for the entire width.
  • Now, attach the curtain hooks to the panel to hang the curtain. Once you have hung it properly, the pinch pleats will be prominent and the curtain will acquire a dense volume.
Curtain Designs

Choosing the right design for your house depends on the interior decoration of your house. Houses having classical furnishings match with satin finish fabrics. Pinch pleated drapes having thermal insulation are no doubt a better pick for winter seasons. Contemporary designs sewed from transparent draperies look simple yet elegant. Curtains having gorgeous embellishments complement a house having antique furniture and huge windows. Pinch pleats blossom best in silken and unicolored fabrics, devoid of any designs on the body. Opt for two sets of curtains if the windows inside your house are large. This offers a greater spread than a single setting. You will come across a wide range of collection from the upholstery stores that will help you to select the right pattern for your house. Also, check out the online shopping portals for the same purpose. Bright colored retro curtains made from cotton fabric go well with contemporary settings, and are ideal during summer time.

Whether you buy pinch pleat curtains from web portals, outlets, or customize them yourself, one thing you should check is the quality of the pleats. They must be clustered well so that they remain secured for a long time. This is the sole criterion for choosing the right kind of curtains.
Gold and black silk curtains
Exquisite gray-green curtains