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Pillow Sham Sizes

What All You Should Consider When Choosing Pillow Sham Sizes

Pillow shams are a creative option, in order to lend a fresh look to your hair decor. Read the following article to know about the pillow sham sizes, and the specifications you need to know while buying them.
DecorDezine Staff
Last Updated: Apr 23, 2018
If you are bored with the same old home decor theme, and want to change it for good, there are a lot of options available for you. One of the easiest and affordable things that you can do, is to use beautiful pillow shams to add glamor to your home as well as outdoor furniture. These are decorative pillow covers used for spicing up any ordinary looking room. All that you need to do is pick the desired sizes for your pillows, and use them strategically and creatively.
Considerations for Pillow Sham Sizes
Though they are referred to as decorative pillow covers, shams create an illusion of decorative pillows, without appearing as removable ones. Using these serves various purposes. You can either choose some simple and less embellished design patterns to use as pillow covers, or you can cover the regular pillows including covers, with embroidered or designer shams for daybed. Common sizes of pillows include, standard size, king size, queen size, travel size, and Euro or continental size. Pillow shams are available in all these sizes, and hence, finding a perfect fitting one for your pillow isn't tough.
Pillow Types Pillow Sizes Sham Sizes
Standard Size 20 x 26 inches 20 x 26 inches
King Size 20 x 36 inches 20 x 36 inches
Queen Size 20 x 30 inches 20 x 30 inches
Euro Size 26 x 26 inches 26 x 26 inches
Travel Size 12 x 16 inches 12 x 16 inches
Twin Size 20 x 26 inches 20 x 26 inches

As you can see from the table above, the European pillow sham size is 26 x 26 inches, as the pillow is square-shaped. The standard size is the same as twin/double size. When you purchase a twin/double size comforter set, you get two standard pillow shams in it. A king size comforter set includes three standard size, or two king size shams.
Decorating with Pillow Shams
There are various ways to spice up your home decor with these. The most commonly used types are the Euro pillow shams, used for creating a unique backdrop for all the smaller-sized pillows. Shams for throw pillows, on the other hand, are ideally used on sofas, couches, and patio benches. Since they are smaller, and available in various shapes, they can be used in larger quantity to add up to the coziness of your dwelling. Larger ones are ideal for bedrooms, rather than living room or patio furniture articles. Apart from the aforementioned types, you can also use ruffled pillow shams to give a sort of feminine feel, and are ideal for a girl's bedroom.
The most elegant and luxurious type of pillow shams are the bridal or satin ones. They are used as an elegant touch up to ring-bearer pillows as well. The best thing about them is their price range, which is pretty affordable, unless you want an out-and-out designer sham set.