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Budget-friendly Peel and Stick Tiles for an Easy Home Makeover

Madhumita Shivade Jun 30, 2019
These days peel and stick tiles are the most popular and cost-effective products that are selling in the market. Installing them is easy and can be done on wooden flooring, normal tile flooring, and even on plastic floors. Let us see how these are installed and removed.
It is fun when everyone involves themselves in home decorating. While choosing curtains, cushion covers, artifacts, colors, etc., we always think about the latest trends in the market and choose accordingly. But, these trends do not last for a long time; they keep on changing. It is difficult to change the decor so often according to the changing trends.
However, there are a few things that you can change, such as the curtains, the cushion covers, the arrangement of the furniture, and nowadays your flooring too! Peel and stick tiles can definitely be a part of your new decor trend list.
Installing themĀ is easy. They are available in various colors, patters, and sizes. Grouting is not required as these tiles are not made of ceramic and their borders give the flooring, a grouted look. They are water resistant, steam resistant, durable, and can be cleaned easily. Let's go through the process of installing and removing them.

Installing the Tiles

Before installing them, it is necessary to clean the area where you are going to install them. A day before installing, wash the floor thoroughly with water and soap so that any stickiness can be avoided. After washing the floor thoroughly, let this floor dry for about a day. Vacuum the floor and again sweep it to avoid any bits coming under the tiles.
To start installing, place the tiles in a row from one side to the other without removing the backing of the tile. As you move to the opposite side, you will notice that the tiles require to be cut, so as to fill the small spaces left. Use a carpet cutter to do so. Now, remove the backing and start sticking them one by one.
If you are wondering how to place these tiles for backsplash, stop worrying, as it is not that difficult. A backsplash is the dry wall that is just above the kitchen counter top. You can start by cleaning the backsplash area thoroughly. Scrub it with a sandpaper so that the wall becomes a little rough. This will help the tiles to stick on the wall properly.
Make a template of the exact area in which you want to place them. Now, place them in the same way as you did for your floor. But, the one thing to be kept in mind is that, when you stick them on the backsplash, press them very hard, as they stand against gravity and might just fall off! You can use a rolling pin to press them tightly.

Removing the Tiles

Removing these tiles is a very tedious job. It takes a lot of time and effort, and it is very important to remove them carefully, as they might stick to your wood flooring because of the glue. They are many techniques followed for removing them. One of the common techniques is using a steam iron. While removing them, do so one at a time to avoid mess.
You will need an iron, a towel, or a bed sheet and a metal scraper. Place the towel or the bed sheet on the tiles that you want to remove. You can take two tiles at a time. Keep ironing the towel or the bed sheet that is placed on the tile for about 4 to 5 minutes. The continuous ironing helps the tile to loosen as the heat softens the adhesive.
Now, insert the metal scraper below the tile, slowly lift the tile up. In this way, remove all the tiles one by one. After that, you will see that the floor adhesive itself is still sticking in the form of stains on the floor where the tiles were placed. To remove this, you can apply any adhesive remover or try to remove the stuck adhesive by a scraper.
Thus, you see how easy it is to install and remove these tiles. They are sure to brighten up your interiors. They are easy to stick and quite cheap. These are the newest trend in the market, easily affordable, and they give your house a makeover. Moreover, there is no grouting required for these tiles. So, all in all, they are a must-buy. What do you think?