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Pantry Shelving

Rimlee Bhuyan Nov 8, 2018
Shelves are essential in the pantry if you want keep it organized. There are many types of shelving systems that you can choose from. Let's discuss some of them.
In any household, organizing a kitchen cellar is very important if you want to store all the foodstuff properly. For this purpose, you need to have proper shelves so that all your food items can be stored the right way and the maximum number of items fit in.
Whether you have a walk-in pantry or a small cabinet, having the right kind of racks will make locating items a lot easier. There are numerous ideas that will give you easy access to food items in your larder and help store the maximum amount. Here are some simple ideas to help you get organized in the kitchen.

Shelving Ideas for Pantry

The problem that most homeowners face is a lack of space in the kitchen larder. If you have less number of shelves, then an easy way is to get your local carpenter to fix some extra ones. These can be made of plywood to reduce the cost or you can even get the ready-made variety.
Having extra counters will help store spices, condiments, and other pantry staples. Another great idea is to opt for roll-out or pull-out racks. A pull-out shelf installed in your kitchen offers you easy accessibility to stored goods and it is a great way to fit in a large number of items.
You can opt for either wood or metal and chrome sliding cabinets. Wooden pull-outs are a bit more expensive than the metal ones. The metal roll-out cabinets are available in a variety of sizes in any home improvement store, and they are easier to install too.

Optimum Space Utilization

When you are making plans for racks in your kitchen, the best way to maximize the space for storage is to use all the vertical space. Most people do not utilize the top and the bottom ledges as they are hard to reach. You can make use of these by storing items there that are not required frequently.
Bottles of homemade pickles and preserves can be stored on the top tier. You can also store dry food items like pasta, rice, and lentils in airtight containers to free up some space in your pantry.
You can install slide-out wicker baskets at the bottom portion of the racks for storing vegetables, like potatoes and onions, which cannot be stored in the refrigerator. This is one of the best organizational ideas for your kitchen.
A very important space that is often overlooked in a kitchen larder is the door. Install deep racks on the inside of the pantry door to store small items like vinegar bottles, mustard jars, spices, and other condiments.
You can even install a wall-mounted spice rack made of aluminum or steel to house all your essential spices. Make sure that you install dowel guard rails to prevent the containers from sliding out while opening the larder door.
This was all about rack designs that you can incorporate in your pantry. Having a proper shelving system is absolutely vital if you want to store goods for a longer duration of time. Always label the individual racks and clean them periodically.
Use hooks, hanging racks, canisters, plastic racks, and plastic bins to maximize the storage space. You might think of your kitchen larder as a utilitarian space that stores all your essential food items, but with a good shelving system, it can become well-organized and cooking can be a joy.